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"An" Idioms & Phrases with "An"
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keyword: An
An A For Effort »
(i see that you tried very hard; i respect your hard work...)

An About Face »
(turn around and face the opposite direction...)

An Aching Heart »
(one feels the pain of loss or want; one is pained by losing or wanting something...)

An Act Of Faith »
(one does it because one believes in God or has confidence in another person...)

An Act Of God »
(an accident caused by nature, such as bad weather; not because of what people did...)

An Affinity For Someone Or Something »
(you like that thing; you do it well...)

An All Out Effort »
(one uses all of one's effort...)

An Arm And A Leg »
(a high price to pay...)

An Axe To Grind »
(you plan to express your anger to that person...)

An Eager Beaver »
(one who is very eager; one who really wants to do it...)

An Open And Shut Case »
(it is easy to decide quickly...)

An Open Book »
(easy to read; without secrets; one shares easily...)

As An Aside »
(I will say this even though it is not the main topic...)

As Strong As An Ox »
(very tough and physically strong; solid...)

Do An About Face »
(turn around to face the opposite direction; change one's position completely...)

Do An Errand »
(do a small task or job that needed to be done...)

Form An Opinion »
(decide what one thinks about something...)

Get An Eyeful Of Someone Or Something »
(take a look at that...)

Get An In With Someone »
(have an opportunity to meet...)

Get Into An Argument With Someone »
(fight using words; argue with...)

Keep An Eye On Him »
(watch him carefully...)

Laying An Egg »
(doing or saying something stupid...)

Like An Open Book »
(open, honest; and available; not hidden; not secret...)

Live In An Ivory Tower »
(not understand how most people live their lives...)

Rub Salt In An Old Wound »
(to intentionally bring back the pain of an past experience...)

Take An Interest In Something »
(start to become interested in it...)

Take An Oath »
(promise with words that one is committed...)

Within An Inch Of One's Life »
(Almost to death...)

Without Batting An Eye »
(With no sign of exerting effort...)

You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks »
(it is difficult to change old habits...)

A Case In Point »
(an example which makes clear what you are trying to communicate...)

A Case Of Mistaken Identity »
(an innocent person was believed to be guilty...)

A Far Off Look »
(an expression that a person has when they are not aware of what is going on around them...)

A Flash In The Pan »
(an early success which later becomes a failure...)

A Prelude To Something »
(an introduction to something else which will happen...)

A Ripe Old Age »
(a fun way to refer to a person coming to an older age...)

A Sitting Duck »
(an easy target; one likely to be a victim...)

A Slap In The Face »
(an intentional insult...)

A Standing Offer »
(an offer you can choose to take whenever you want it...)

A Thorn In Someone's Side »
(it nags at you; it wastes your time an effort; it regularly gives you pain...)

A Vote Of Confidence »
(an action to let one know that we are confident in one's skills...)

Beating A Dead Horse »
(forcing an issue that is already closed...)

Bending Over Backwards »
(make an extra effort; try extra hard to do it...)

Catch A Whiff Of Something »
(suspect something; get an idea...)

Die A Natural Death »
(one's death did not happen as the result of an accident or tragedy...)

Dirty Old Man »
(an old man who thinks and jokes a lot about sex...)

Divide Something Fifty Fifty »
(make sure that each side gets an equal share...)

Doing As You're Told »
(doing the thing that you were told to do by an authority...)

Eat One's Cake And Have It Too »
(an impossible wish; one wants to use something but still have the thing available for use...)

Fall In »
(join the group of people standing in an organized way...)

Fire A Gun »
(shoot a gun; pull the trigger of a gun so that there is an explosion and a bullet comes flying out...)

Float A Loan »
(put up an amount of money to be loaned...)

For Instance »
(for example; give an example...)

Force Someone Out Of Office »
(a person is pressured to quit or leave an elected position...)

From Overseas »
(from a place on the other side of an ocean...)

From The Heart »
(said or done in an honest and caring way...)

Get A Bright Idea »
(an idea which can be used to solve a problem...)

Get A Dirty Look From Someone »
(the person has an expression which shows they are angry or upset with you...)

Get A Whiff Of Something »
(smell it; have an idea that it is happening...)

Get Along In Years »
(getting older; becoming an older person...)

Get Goose Bumps »
(one's skin feels tingling due to an emotion such as love, sadness or fear...)

Get Goose Pimples »
(one's skin feels tingling due to an emotion such as love, sadness or fear...)

Get One's Foot In The Door »
(get an opportunity or introduction with that person or place...)

Get The Final Word »
(say the last thing said in an argument...)

Get The Last Word »
(one is the last person to speak in an argument...)

Have A Go At Something »
(try it; make an effort...)

In Your Mind's Eye »
(in your imagination; you see an image of it in your mind...)

Making A Mistake »
(doing some thing in the wrong way; making an error...)

On All Fours »
(an animal walking on its four feet; a person walking on hands and knees...)

On The Same Page »
(different people are looking at an issue in the same way, as when reading from the same page...)

Out Of Your Element »
(in an uncomfortable situation...)

Pick A Quarrel With Someone »
(start a fight with; begin an argument with that person...)

Roll Out The Red Carpet »
(to give a grand welcome to an important guest...)

Sign On The Dotted Line »
(sign a form; write one's name on an official piece of paper...)

Sixth Sense »
(an intuition; one has a feeling it will happen, without knowing why...)

Tag Along »
(go along with other who are attending an event...)

Take Off »
(leave some place, the way a ship or an airplane leaves...)

Take Office »
(when an elected official begins their period of duty...)

Take Someone Up On Something »
(accept an offer that someone has made...)

Where One Is Coming From »
(with an understanding of the other persons situation and needs...)

Whole New Ball Game »
(there has been a shift in power and the other side now has an advantage...)

Write Someone Or Something Up »
(Make an official document of what happened or what someone did wrong...)



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