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"Bad" Idioms & Phrases with "Bad"
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keyword: Bad
Bad As All That »
(people are saying that it is very bad; as bad as people are saying...)

Bad Blood Between People »
(people having bad feelings towards each other...)

Bad Mouthing You »
(talking badly about you...)

Be Off To A Bad Start »
(started badly; started with bad feelings...)

Get Off To A Bad Start »
(it just started, and it is going badly...)

Go From Bad To Worse »
(it was already bad, not it has gotten worse...)

Have A Bad Effect On Someone Or Something »
(one's influence makes that person worse...)

In A Bad Mood »
(unhappy; one is not happy...)

In A Bad Way »
(not looking good; not strong nor healthy...)

In Bad Faith »
(not fair; dishonest; deceitful; cheating...)

You Have To Take The Good With The Bad »
(accept that everything has a bad as well as a good side...)

A Blessing In Disguise »
(it seemed like a bad thing at first, but the result was surprisingly good; it appeared to be a bad thing but turned out to be a good thing...)

A Dose Of One's Own Medicine »
(the bad thing one does to others happens to oneself...)

A Pretty State Of Affairs »
(a cynical way to say that the situation has gotten bad...)

Add Fuel To The Fire »
(do something which makes a bad situation even worse...)

All Shot To Hell »
(broken; damaged; in bad condition...)

An Act Of God »
(an accident caused by nature, such as bad weather; not because of what people did...)

Bail Me Out »
(help that person get out of a bad situation...)

Be Off On The Wrong Foot »
(got a bad start; started in a bad way...)

Caught Red Handed »
(discovered while doing something wrong or bad...)

Dirty Work »
(work which makes one dirty; actions which are bad...)

Down On One's Luck »
(one has been having bad luck lately; bad things have been happening...)

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining »
(even bad things can have a good result...)

Fall In With »
(join a bad group...)

Familiarity Breeds Contempt »
(too much time together causes bad feelings...)

For Better Or For Worse »
(said when two people marry, their commitment to stay together in good times and bad times...)

Full Of The Devil »
(being playfully bad; acting mischievously...)

Get A Raw Deal »
(one was cheated; the agreement turned out bad for one...)

Get A Taste Of One's Own Medicine »
(the bad thing one does to others has now happened to oneself...)

Get Away With Something »
(do something bad but not be discovered...)

Get Even With Someone »
(get revenge; they did something bad to you, so you do something bad to them...)

Get Off On The Wrong Foot »
(have a bad start; start badly; the two did not like each other when they met...)

Get Off Scot Free »
(receive no punishment; one did something bad but was not punished...)

Get The Short End Of The Stick »
(be the one who gets a bad deal or a worse deal than the others...)

Have A Close Call »
(something bad almost happened...)

In A Vicious Circle »
(the same bad thing keeps happening...)

Jekyll And Hyde »
(one who transforms quickly from good to bad...)

Judge Something On Its Own Merits »
(that things is judged by it's own good or bad points, not by association with others...)

Live And Learn »
(we learn from our mistakes; if bad things happen, we learn from it and continue...)

Look Like Something The Cat Dragged In »
(looking terrible as if one has been through a very bad experience...)

Money Is The Root Of All Evil »
(wanting more money causes people do very bad things...)

No News Is Good News »
(if something bad happened, we would probably hear about it...)

Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire) »
(to get out of a bad situation and end up in one that is even worse...)

Pardon My French »
(I am sorry for swearing; excuse me for using bad words...)

Saving Grace »
(a good thing happened, even though bad things also happened...)

Shame On Someone »
(one should feel bad because one did a bad thing...)

Skate On Thin Ice »
(taking a risk; doing something dangerous; it could have a very bad result...)

Start Off On The Wrong Foot »
(have a bad start; begin with bad feelings...)

Take Sick »
(become ill; get sick; one's health has gotten bad...)

The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men »
(good plans can go bad...)

The Best Laid Schemes Of Mice And Men »
(good plans can go bad; big plans that people make and fill with hopes and dreams...)

The Pros And Cons »
(the reasons for and against it; the good and bad aspects...)

Up To No Good »
(doing bad things...)

What Goes Around, Comes Around »
(There is a natural fairness in life; if we do good or bad, that same thing is done to us...)



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