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keyword: By
A Play By Play Description »
(description of a game done as a narration of what is happening...)

Abide By Something »
(agree to do what one is told to do...)

By Word Of Mouth »
(by hearing it from others...)

Easy To Come By »
(something that can be found easily...)

Fly By Night »
(a business that opens briefly, cheats people, and disappears...)

Get By On Something »
(able to live or survive with only that thing...)

Get By With Something »
(able to function or continue with only that thing...)

Sit Idly By »
(sit and watch without helping...)

Take Someone By Surprise »
(surprise that person...)

Take Someone Or Something By Storm »
(arrive with a big noise and lots of activity...)

Take The Bull By The Horns »
(take strong action and gain control of the situation...)

You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover »
(don't make judgments based only on appearances...)

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush »
(don't risk losing what you have by trying to get more; it is better to value what you have than to try to get more...)

A Known Fact »
(a fact that everyone knows; it is known to be true by most people...)

A Landslide Victory »
(won by a large amount; a huge victory...)

Across The Board »
(it will apply to all; all will be affected by it...)

Ahead Of Schedule »
(more has been done than was expected by this time...)

All Worked Up About Something »
(one let oneself be very bothered by that thing...)

All Worked Up Over Something »
(one let oneself be very bothered by that thing...)

All's Well That Ends Well »
(the name of a play written by Shakespeare; as long as the ending is good, what happened before is good too...)

An Aching Heart »
(one feels the pain of loss or want; one is pained by losing or wanting something...)

An Act Of God »
(an accident caused by nature, such as bad weather; not because of what people did...)

Back East »
(said by a person from the East when talking about the East...)

Behind The Scenes »
(done by people who could not be seen...)

Beyond The Call Of Duty »
(more than is expected or required by a job...)

Break In »
(enter by force...)

Cause A Commotion »
(make a lot of noise and be noticed by others or bother others...)

Chance Upon Someone Or Something »
(discover something by accident; find something without looking for it...)

Cooking With Gas »
(cooking by using the flame from gas to heat the food...)

Do A Snow Job On Someone »
(trick someone by confusing them with lots of information...)

Doing As You're Told »
(doing the thing that you were told to do by an authority...)

Door To Door »
(to find customers by going to people's houses, knocking on the door and introducing oneself...)

Falling Into His Trap »
(be tricked by that person's plan...)

Field Questions »
(answer questions asked by different people; answer questions asked by different people...)

Find Something Out The Hard Way »
(one learned it by making a mistake...)

From Door To Door »
(by going to peoples houses, knocking on the door and introducing oneself...)

From The Horse's Mouth »
(told by the person who was there...)

Get A Licking »
(lose by a lot of points; be beaten by a lot...)

Get A Tongue Lashing »
(was yelled at by someone, as a punishment...)

Get All Dolled Up »
(a woman makes herself more pretty by putting on nice clothes or cosmetics...)

Get Hell »
(be yelled at by others...)

Get In Someone's Hair »
(bother that person by being too close or involved with them...)

Get The Worst Of Something »
(this one was effected most badly by what happened...)

Get Through To Someone »
(be understood by that person...)

Going Against The Grain »
(making things difficult by acting against the wishes of others...)

Hanging On To Your Coattails »
(try to gain success by following a successful person...)

Have Something Down Pat »
(you can do that thing perfectly; by memory; with no mistakes...)

Join Hands »
(holding each other by the hands...)

Judge Something On Its Own Merits »
(that things is judged by it's own good or bad points, not by association with others...)

Jump The Gun »
(start before it is time to begin; cheat in a race by starting early...)

Keep A Stiff Upper Lip »
(be "strong" and unaffected by emotions...)

Method To My Madness »
(what appears to by crazy action is actually done for a good reason...)

Next Of Kin »
(one's closest relative; related by blood; one's child...)

Nobody's Fool »
(not stupid; not fooled by that...)

On Credit »
(paid for by borrowing money; one buys the thing now and will pay later...)

On One's Own Time »
(when one is not being paid by another...)

Possession Is Nine Tenths Of The Law »
(holding the thing implies ownership of that thing by law...)

Pulling Your Leg »
(making a joke by tricking another person...)

Save One's Breath »
(don't talk now; you are wasting your time by talking; nobody is listening to you...)

Say Something In A Roundabout Way »
(speak indirectly; try to communicate one thing by saying something else...)

Slap Someone's Wrist »
(push one by slapping one's hand; a very light punishment...)

Swallowing It Hook Line And Sinker »
(completely tricked by the lie...)

Take A Licking »
(to lose by a large amount...)

Take A Shellacking »
(lose very badly; lose by a lot...)

The Ends Justify The Means »
(our actions are called for by this situation...)

Thin Skinned »
(easily bothered by things...)

Waiting In The Wings »
(one is waiting close-by and ready to participate...)

Who Do You Think You're Kidding? »
(You are mistaken and I am not going to be fooled by your error...)

With Each Passing Day »
(time goes by while it happens...)

Work One's Way Through College »
(when a student works to pay for college by oneself while attending college...)

Work One's Way Up »
(Improve one's position by increasing one's rank over time...)

You Know »
(said to gain agreement by the listener, sometimes said out of habit with no significant meaning besides asking agreement from listeners...)



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