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"Done" Idioms & Phrases with "Done"
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After All Is Said And Done »
(when things are calmer; after some time passes and all of this activity is finished...)

Easier Said Than Done »
(talking about it is easier than doing it; to do the thing takes a lot of work; it is easier to talk about it than to actually do it...)

What's Done Is Done »
(We must accept that it happened...)

When All Is Said And Done »
(After people are done talking and we can see the result...)

A Change Of Pace »
(doing it differently from the way it was done before...)

A Play By Play Description »
(description of a game done as a narration of what is happening...)

Against Someone's Will »
(it was done even though that person did not want it to be done...)

Against The Clock »
(in a hurry; needing to be done before a certain time...)

Ahead Of Schedule »
(more has been done than was expected by this time...)

All In A Day's Work »
(this is a natural part of ones job; what was done is not unusual for this type of work...)

Around The Block »
(been to different places and done different things...)

Battle It Out »
(fight to decide how it will be done...)

Behind The Scenes »
(done by people who could not be seen...)

Breaking New Ground »
(doing what has not been done before...)

Cannot Help Doing Something »
(it must be done; it had to happen...)

Carry Something Off »
(succeed in done something difficult...)

Catch On To Someone Or Something »
(discover what is being done...)

Dirty One's Hands »
(one is not innocent any more; one has done something to make one guilty...)

Do An Errand »
(do a small task or job that needed to be done...)

Don't Put The Cart Before The Horse »
(certain things will fail if they are not done in the correct order...)

Facing The Music »
(receiving a punishment for what one has done...)

First And Foremost »
(the number one most important think that needs to be done...)

First Thing In The Morning »
(the first thing done on a new day...)

First Things First »
(the most important thing should always be done first...)

Flight Of Fancy »
(mistakenly believing that something impossible can be done...)

Follow In Someone's Footsteps »
(do something that another has done, and try to do it the way they did it...)

Follow Up On Something »
(check on something at a later time; make sure that it is being done...)

For Good Measure »
(to add to what was already done...)

For Kicks »
(that stupid action was is done because one thinks it is funny...)

Forgive And Forget »
(forgive a person for what they have done, and not continue to be angry...)

From The Heart »
(said or done in an honest and caring way...)

From The Old School »
(this is way things used to be done; the traditional way...)

In All Good Conscience »
(able to feel good about what one has done...)

In Secret »
(done secretly; without letting other people know...)

Jump Through A Hoop »
(to get something done, one has to do something else which should be unnecessary...)

Jump Through Hoops »
(to get something done, one has to do other things which should be unnecessary; have to do special things...)

Method To My Madness »
(what appears to by crazy action is actually done for a good reason...)

Need Something Yesterday »
(need that to be done as soon as possible...)

No Can Do »
(it cannot be done...)

Of The Old School »
(done in old way; done the way people used to do it...)

Out Of Necessity »
(it needed to be done; it was done because it was necessary...)

Out Of Practice »
(one has not done that for a while...)

Over With »
(finished; done; no more...)

Take A Stand Against Someone Or Something »
(be unwilling to tolerate that some wrong is being done; stand up for or against...)

Take It Upon Oneself To Do Something »
(accept the responsibility to get it done...)

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil »
(you have to make noise if you want to get things done...)

The Squeeky Wheel Gets The Oil »
(you have to make noise if you want to get things done...)

There's More Than One Way To Skin A Cat »
(There are different ways to get the thing done...)

Under The Gun »
(under a lot of pressure to get something done...)

What Goes Around, Comes Around »
(There is a natural fairness in life; if we do good or bad, that same thing is done to us...)

With Ease »
(it is done easily...)

With Flying Colors »
(it was done spectacularly, gracefully, successfully...)

Without Rhyme Or Reason »
(There was no good or logical reason for what was done; there was no good reason why it happened...)

Work Something Off »
(Do work to pay for what was done...)



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