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keyword: Easy
Easy As Abc »
(it is very simple; you are confident that you can do it...)

Easy Come, Easy Go »
(something which we get easily can be lost easily also...)

Easy Does It »
(please be more gentle...)

Easy To Come By »
(something that can be found easily...)

Free And Easy »
(with a very comfortable, relaxed feeling...)

Get Off Easy »
(one did something wrong but did not receive a big punishment...)

On Easy Street »
(rich; comfortable and easy as one imagines it will be if one becomes rich...)

Take It Easy »
(relax; let oneself feel free and comfortable...)

Take It Easy On Someone Or Something »
(not be strict about; not punish or harass that person...)

A Bed Of Roses »
(a situation that feels comfortable and easy...)

A Dime A Dozen »
(easy to find and cheap to buy; not special...)

A Piece Of Cake »
(easy to do...)

A Sitting Duck »
(an easy target; one likely to be a victim...)

A Sitting Target »
(easy to hit...)

Able To Do Something Blindfolded »
(it is easy to do...)

An Open And Shut Case »
(it is easy to decide quickly...)

An Open Book »
(easy to read; without secrets; one shares easily...)

Clear Sailing »
(comfortable and easy; with no disturbance...)

Down To Earth »
(realistic; grounded; not fake; not pretending; easy to talk with naturally...)

Downhill All The Way »
(easy, comfortable, and not requiring a lot of effort...)

Free As A Bird »
(with a free and easy feeling; not locked up...)

Fun And Games »
(not serious; easy and comfortable but not meaningful...)

Hands Down »
(easily; clearly; it is easy to say that one is better than the others...)

Like A Sitting Duck »
(easy to hit...)

Like Sitting Ducks »
(targets that are easy to hit; we can get them easily...)

No Sweat »
(not difficult; easy...)

Out Cold »
(asleep; in deep sleep; not easy to wake...)

Piece Of Cake »
(easy to do...)

Second Nature To Someone »
(it feels natural and easy for that person to do...)

Simmer Down »
(relax; quiet down; take it easy; don't be so upset...)

Talk Is Cheap »
(it is easy to talk about doing things but it takes hard work to really do things...)



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