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"Eat" Idioms & Phrases with "Eat"
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keyword: Eat
Eat A Meal Out »
(leave one's place to eat a meal at a restaurant...)

Eat And Run »
(eat ones food and then leave right away, which can be considered rude...)

Eat Like A Horse »
(eat a lot of food and possibly appear sloppy...)

Eat One's Cake And Have It Too »
(an impossible wish; one wants to use something but still have the thing available for use...)

Eat One's Heart Out »
(be jealous of another; sometimes a loser is taunted with this statement...)

Eat One's Words »
(one is forced to regret what one said...)

Eat Out Of Someone's Hands »
(that one will follow your requests and do what you wish...)

Gas Up »
(put gasoline in the car; get fuel for a trip; slang: eat a lot of food...)

Get Something To Go »
(order food that you will eat someplace else...)

Order Something To Go »
(you will take it with you and eat it someplace else...)

They Ate It Up »
(really enjoy it; eat all of it; believe one's lie...)



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