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Can I Get A Rain Check? »
(get a promise to do that thing at a future time...)

Get A Big Send Off »
(a big party to celebrate that you are leaving; a going-away party...)

Get A Break »
(get some help or assistance; get a chance to rest...)

Get A Bright Idea »
(an idea which can be used to solve a problem...)

Get A Charley Horse »
(a painful spot on one's thigh after getting hit...)

Get A Checkup »
(when a specialist checks over a body to see if it is okay...)

Get A Clean Bill Of Health »
(a doctor or specialist says that the body has no problems...)

Get A Crush On Someone »
(have a love interest towards that person...)

Get A Dirty Look From Someone »
(the person has an expression which shows they are angry or upset with you...)

Get A Feel For Something »
(beginning to feel comfortable with it...)

Get A Fix On Something »
(learn the place where it is...)

Get A Frog In One's Throat »
(one feels unable to speak; one feels like something is blocking one's throat...)

Get A Grasp Of Something »
(hold something in one's hand; begin to understand that thing more clearly...)

Get A Hand With Something »
(receive help to do it...)

Get A Handle On Something »
(be able to control it better...)

Get A Head Start On Someone Or Something »
(begin running the race before the other one...)

Get A Hurry On »
(go faster; hurry...)

Get A Jumpstart »
(begin before all of the others begin; start before the others...)

Get A Kick Out Of Someone Or Something »
(that thing makes one laugh...)

Get A Licking »
(lose by a lot of points; be beaten by a lot...)

Get A Life »
(rude way to say stop bothering other people; focus on your own life; go away; stop bothering us; we don't want you here...)

Get A Load Of Someone Or Something »
(take a look at that...)

Get A Load Off One's Feet »
(sit down; rest...)

Get A Load Off One's Mind »
(not worry about that thing any more...)

Get A Lot Of Mileage Out Of Something »
(able to use it for a long time; a car or other thing which lasts a long time...)

Get A Lump In One's Throat »
(feel unable to speak, often because of strong emotion...)

Get A Raw Deal »
(one was cheated; the agreement turned out bad for one...)

Get A Reputation As A Something »
(people say one is that way...)

Get A Reputation For Doing Something »
(people say that one often does that; one is known for doing that...)

Get A Rise Out Of Someone »
(succeed in bothering that person...)

Get A Slap On The Wrist »
(receive a very mild or light punishment...)

Get A Start »

Get A Taste Of One's Own Medicine »
(the bad thing one does to others has now happened to oneself...)

Get A Thing About Someone Or Something »
(become interested in that person for some reason...)

Get A Tongue Lashing »
(was yelled at by someone, as a punishment...)

Get A Whiff Of Something »
(smell it; have an idea that it is happening...)

Get A Word In Edgeways »
(one wants to speak but the other one will not stop talking...)

Get A Word In Edgewise »
(one wants to speak but the other one will not stop talking...)

Get Ahead Of Oneself »
(thinking about future things instead of what you are doing now...)

Get All Dolled Up »
(a woman makes herself more pretty by putting on nice clothes or cosmetics...)

Get Along In Years »
(getting older; becoming an older person...)

Get Along On A Shoestring »
(be able to live while spending very little money...)

Get Along With Someone Or Something »
(they feel comfortable together...)

Get Along Without Someone Or Something »
(one is able to continue after the other is gone...)

Get An Eyeful Of Someone Or Something »
(take a look at that...)

Get An In With Someone »
(have an opportunity to meet...)

Get Another Think Coming »
(what will happen is not what you are expecting; the result is not going to be good for you...)

Get Ants In One's Pants »
(the feeling that one needs to move one's legs...)

Get Around »
(move from one place to another place; spend time with lots of different people in different places...)

Get Around To Doing Something »
(you finally take the time to do that thing...)

Get Around To Something »
(you finally take the time for that thing...)

Get At The Heart Of The Matter »
(do or talk about the thing that is most important...)

Get Away From It All »
(escape from one's problems or difficulties...)

Get Away With Something »
(do something bad but not be discovered...)

Get Back At Someone »
(get revenge against someone...)

Get Back Into Circulation »
(begin to go out and see others after not having gone out for some time...)

Get Back On One's Feet »
(able to move around after having been unable to walk due to sickness or injury...)

Get Back To Someone »
(communicate with someone at a later time about a question they have...)

Get Better »
(feel well again after being sick...)

Get Busy »
(become active with a lot of things to do...)

Get Butterflies In One's Stomach »
(one has a nervous or excited feeling in the stomach area...)

Get By On Something »
(able to live or survive with only that thing...)

Get By With Something »
(able to function or continue with only that thing...)

Get Carried Away »
(have such strong feelings while doing something that one does too much...)

Get Cold Feet »
(become nervous and afraid to act...)

Get Cracking »
(begin moving quickly; go faster!...)

Get Credit For Something »
(be noticed for doing good work...)

Get Down To Brass Tacks »
(talk about serious, business-like things...)

Get Down To Business »
(talk about a formal or official matter; doing the most important thing...)

Get Down To The Facts »
(talk about what really happened; stop wasting time talking about opinions...)

Get Down To The Nitty Gritty »
(work on the small details of the project; think and talk about the many small details...)

Get Down To Work »
(begin working; stop wasting time...)

Get Even With Someone »
(get revenge; they did something bad to you, so you do something bad to them...)

Get Fresh With Someone »
(speak to someone without being respectful...)

Get Goose Bumps »
(one's skin feels tingling due to an emotion such as love, sadness or fear...)

Get Goose Pimples »
(one's skin feels tingling due to an emotion such as love, sadness or fear...)

Get Gray Hairs »
(one's hair become white in color from old age or stress...)

Get Hell »
(be yelled at by others...)

Get In On Something »
(join in on what the others are doing...)

Get In On The Ground Floor »
(join a project at the very beginning; invest early...)

Get In Someone's Hair »
(bother that person by being too close or involved with them...)

Get In Touch With Someone »
(communicate with that person from a distance...)

Get Into A Jam »
(get stuck; get into trouble; have a problem that you cannot escape...)

Get Into A Mess »
(be stuck in a situation that is difficult to manage...)

Get Into An Argument With Someone »
(fight using words; argue with...)

Get Into Full Swing »
(moving at full speed...)

Get Into High Gear »
(moving more quickly; going fast; working hard; not wasted time...)

Get Into Hot Water »
(get in trouble; another is angry at one...)

Get Into The Act »
(join in on what the others are doing...)

Get Into The Swing Of Things »
(feel comfortable participating in what is going on...)

Get Involved With Someone »
(have a relationship with that person...)

Get It »
(understand the thing...)

Get It All Together »
(get organized...)

Get Lost »
(not know where on is; go to where one does not know how to find things; become confused or forget; leave this place...)

Get Mad At Someone Or Something »
(be angry at that person; become angry because of what that person did...)

Get Married »
(marry someone; commit to stay together in love with one other person...)

Get Mixed Up »
(become confused...)

Get Nowhere Fast »
(using a lot of energy but not succeeding...)

Get Off »

Get Off Easy »
(one did something wrong but did not receive a big punishment...)

Get Off It »
(stop talking about that one thing...)

Get Off Lightly »
(one did something wrong but did not get a big punishment...)

Get Off On The Wrong Foot »
(have a bad start; start badly; the two did not like each other when they met...)

Get Off Scot Free »
(receive no punishment; one did something bad but was not punished...)

Get Off Someone's Back »
(stop bothering that person...)

Get Off To A Bad Start »
(it just started, and it is going badly...)

Get Off To A Flying Start »
(it just started; and it is going very well...)

Get Off Your High Horse »
(stop thinking that you are better than other people...)

Get On The Good Side Of Someone »
(that person likes you and will do nice things for you...)

Get One's Act Together »
(one is beginning to do very well; one's performance is improving...)

Get One's Foot In The Door »
(get an opportunity or introduction with that person or place...)

Get Over It »
(recover from...)

Get Physical With Someone »
(touch that persons body; use physical force to strike or move a person...)

Get Religion »
(begin having religious beliefs...)

Get Set »
(prepare oneself to begin right away...)

Get Sick »
(become ill; get a physical illness...)

Get Sidetracked »
(focusing on some thing which is not the most important thing...)

Get Something Out Of One's System »
(do something that you feel the need to do; say something in order to feel better...)

Get Something To Go »
(order food that you will eat someplace else...)

Get Something Under One's Belt »
(get the experience of doing that thing...)

Get Stars In One's Eyes »
(one is amazed to see a famous person...)

Get The Blues »
(feel sad...)

Get The Brush Off »
(be ignored...)

Get The Creeps »
(it makes you feel nervous and uncomfortable...)

Get The Day Off »
(have a day without working...)

Get The Drift Of Something »
(you understand the general idea...)

Get The Facts Straight »
(one is clear about what has happened; one knows the information...)

Get The Feel Of Something »
(feel comfortable doing something...)

Get The Final Word »
(say the last thing said in an argument...)

Get The Floor »
(have the opportunity to speak in front of the group...)

Get The Go Ahead »
(it is okay to begin; one has permission to do what one wanted to do...)

Get The Goods On Someone »
(have information that someone did something wrong...)

Get The Hard Sell »
(one is trying to force someone to buy something...)

Get The Last Word »
(one is the last person to speak in an argument...)

Get The Lead Out »
(move ones body, so one is more comfortable moving...)

Get The Message »
(understand what someone is trying to tell you...)

Get The Nod »
(get permission to do something; be allowed to enter the game...)

Get The Old Heave Ho »
(be fired from a job or thrown out of some event...)

Get The Picture »
(understand what one is trying to communicate...)

Get The Red Carpet Treatment »
(be welcomed grandly with a very special treatment...)

Get The Sack »
(get fired; one is forced to leave one's job...)

Get The Shock Of One's Life »
(one was surprised in the most extreme possible way...)

Get The Short End Of The Stick »
(be the one who gets a bad deal or a worse deal than the others...)

Get The Slip »
(the person one was following has escaped...)

Get The Upper Hand On Someone »
(be in a position of strength over that person...)

Get The Willies »
(get a very gross or uncomfortable feeling...)

Get The Word »
(start believing in the God and bible of Christianity...)

Get The Works »
(get all of the extras with your order...)

Get The Worst Of Something »
(this one was effected most badly by what happened...)

Get Through Something »
(just finished doing it...)

Get Through To Someone »
(be understood by that person...)

Get Through With Something »
(finished doing it...)

Get Time Off »
(be allowed to not work for a period of time...)

Get Time Off For Good Behavior »
(one's jail time has been shortened because one was good while in jail...)

Get To First Base With Someone Or Something »
(kiss that person on the mouth...)

Get To One's Feet »
(stand up; rise to where one is standing up...)

Get To The Bottom Of Something »
(find out the truth about what has happened...)

Get To The Point »
(talk about the important thing; say what you intended to say...)

Get To The Root Of The Problem »
(discover the cause of the problem...)

Get Under Someone's Skin »
(bother that person; annoy; irritate...)

Get Under Way »
(begin a journey...)

Get Up And Go »
(energy; enthusiasm for physical activity...)

Get Up The Nerve To Do It »
(gain the confidence to do it...)

Get Well »
(become healthy after being sick...)

Get Wet »
(water or other liquid got on one's skin or clothing...)

Get What's Coming To One »
(one has acted badly and deserves some kind of punishment...)

Get Wind Of Something »
(learn that something has happened...)

Get Worked Up Over Something »
(get angry or upset about what happened...)

If You Can't Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen »
(if you want to be responsible then you must face difficulties...)

You Just Don't Get It »
(You are not understanding the situation...)

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush »
(don't risk losing what you have by trying to get more; it is better to value what you have than to try to get more...)

A Final Fling »
(the last time two people get together for romance...)

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss »
(a person who keeps moving does not get stuck; life stays interesting for people who keep moving...)

A Shotgun Wedding »
(a wedding where one of the two is being forced to get married...)

Bail Me Out »
(help that person get out of a bad situation...)

Beggars Can't Be Choosers »
(be thankful for what you get when you get something for free...)

Beginning Of The End »
(things will get worse...)

Bug Out »
(get upset; lose control...)

Cast About For Someone Or Something »
(try to find away to learn or get something...)

Catch A Whiff Of Something »
(suspect something; get an idea...)

Catch Hell »
(get in trouble for it; get yelled at...)

Charge Someone Or Something Up »
(give someone reason to get excited...)

Delivering The Goods »
(give them what they paid money to get...)

Do Away With Someone Or Something »
(get rid of that thing; not have it any more...)

Down For The Count »
(one is not able to continue, like a fighter who has fallen and cannot get up...)

Down With Some Disease »
(because of sickness one is unable to get up and go out...)

Driving A Hard Bargain »
(pushing hard to get what you want...)

Easy Come, Easy Go »
(something which we get easily can be lost easily also...)

Feel Someone Out »
(ask questions to get a feeling for what that person is thinking...)

Find One's Way Around »
(learning how to get from one place to another place...)

Find Oneself »
(get to know oneself...)

Fish For A Compliment »
(try to get another person to say something good about you...)

Fix Someone's Wagon »
(do something to cause a problem for that person; get revenge...)

For Safekeeping »
(so it does not get lost or stolen...)

Free For All »
(anyone can have it; a frantic situation where everyone is trying to get some...)

Gas Up »
(put gasoline in the car; get fuel for a trip; slang: eat a lot of food...)

Gearing Myself Up For It »
(prepare yourself; get ready for it...)

Go For Someone Or Something »
(try to get that thing...)

Hang Tough »
(stay strong; don't get sad and don't worry too much...)

Have A Conniption Fit »
(get very upset and angry in a childish way...)

Have A Fit »
(get very upset...)

Idle Hands Are The Devil's Tools »
(when you have nothing to do you are more likely to get into trouble...)

In A Bind »
(stuck; trapped; unable to get free...)

Jockeying For Position »
(trying to get ahead of each other...)

Jump Bail »
(one has given money to the court to get out of jail temporarily, then one runs away...)

Jump Through A Hoop »
(to get something done, one has to do something else which should be unnecessary...)

Jump Through Hoops »
(to get something done, one has to do other things which should be unnecessary; have to do special things...)

Keep Him At Arm's Length »
(don't let him get to close; keep him at a safe distance; watch out for that person...)

Like Sitting Ducks »
(targets that are easy to hit; we can get them easily...)

Out Of Circulation »
(has not been seen in a long time; does not get around to different places...)

Out Of Reach »
(one cannot reach it with ones hands; one cannot get it...)

Out Of Season »
(it is not the right time of the year to get that...)

Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire) »
(to get out of a bad situation and end up in one that is even worse...)

Settle A Score With Someone »
(get revenge on that person; hurt the one who hurt you...)

Settle The Score With Someone »
(get revenge on that person; hurt a person who hurt you...)

Shake A Leg »
(move faster; get going...)

Sleep On Something »
(first get a good night's sleep, then decide...)

Split Something Fifty Fifty »
(share so that both get the same amount...)

Take A Nap »
(sleep briefly to get some rest before continuing...)

Take Forty Winks »
(get a good sleep so that one is rested fully...)

Take Ill »
(become sick; get sick...)

Take It Upon Oneself To Do Something »
(accept the responsibility to get it done...)

Take Sick »
(become ill; get sick; one's health has gotten bad...)

The Best Of Both Worlds »
(to get the best of both choices...)

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil »
(you have to make noise if you want to get things done...)

The Squeeky Wheel Gets The Oil »
(you have to make noise if you want to get things done...)

There's More Than One Way To Skin A Cat »
(There are different ways to get the thing done...)

Tie The Knot »
(get married; two people promise they will stay together in marriage...)

Under The Gun »
(under a lot of pressure to get something done...)

Weed Someone Or Something Out »
(get rid of what is not useful...)

Whoop It Up »
(get excited with a party-like feel...)

Within Someone's Reach »
(you can reach it with your hands; it is close enough that one can get it...)

Worked Up About Something »
(get excited and upset...)

Worked Up Over Something »
(get excited and upset...)

Wreak Vengeance Upon Someone Or »
(Get revenge in a destructive way...)

Wreak Vengeance Upon Someone Or Something »
(Get revenge in a destructive way...)

You Reap What You Sow »
(what you get is the result of what you do...)

You Scared The Hell Out Of Me »
(What you did scared me and I still get a bit upset when I remember it; what you did frightened me very suddenly...)



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