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And What Have You »
(and things like that...)

Do Not Have A Care In The World »
(carefree; without problems; acting like nothing bothers one...)

Do Not Have All One's Marbles »
(that person does not think clearly...)

Eat One's Cake And Have It Too »
(an impossible wish; one wants to use something but still have the thing available for use...)

Have A Bad Effect On Someone Or Something »
(one's influence makes that person worse...)

Have A Ball »
(have fun; have a nice time...)

Have A Bee In One's Bonnet »
(angry and upset about something...)

Have A Big Mouth »
(that person talks a lot about other people...)

Have A Blowout »
(one has lost the tire of ones car, bike or motorcycle...)

Have A Bone To Pick With Someone »
(be angry at someone and want to discuss it with that person...)

Have A Brush With Something »
(that thing almost happened...)

Have A Case Against Someone »
(one has a reason to be upset with that person...)

Have A Change Of Heart »
(one's feelings about doing something have changed...)

Have A Chip On One's Shoulder »
(one is upset about something that happened in the past...)

Have A Clean Conscience About Someone Or Something »
(one does not feel guilty about it...)

Have A Clear Conscience About Someone Or Something »
(one does not feel guilty about it...)

Have A Close Call »
(something bad almost happened...)

Have A Clue About Something »
(have some knowledge about it...)

Have A Conniption Fit »
(get very upset and angry in a childish way...)

Have A Crack At Something »
(try to do it; attempt it...)

Have A Familiar Ring »
(it sounds familiar; I remember something like that...)

Have A Field Day »
(have great success; be very successful on that day...)

Have A Fit »
(get very upset...)

Have A Frog In One's Throat »
(one wants to speak but at that moment feels unable to speak...)

Have A Glass Jaw »
(can be stopped easily with one good punch to the jaw...)

Have A Go At Something »
(try it; make an effort...)

Have A Good Command Of Something »
(be able to do or use it well...)

Have A Good Head On One's Shoulders »
(bright; intelligent; resourceful...)

Have A Green Thumb »
(that person is good at growing plants...)

Have A Grudge Against Someone »
(not willing to forgive that person and forget what that person did...)

Have A Hand In Something »
(participate; take part...)

Have A Handle On Something »
(have a good understanding and control of that thing...)

Have No Idea »
(don't know...)

Have Something Down Pat »
(you can do that thing perfectly; by memory; with no mistakes...)

I'll Have To Give You A Rain Check On That »
(give a promise to do that thing at a future time...)

Never Would Have Guessed »
(that surprises me...)

What Have You Been Up To? »
(Casual greeting to ask a person what they have been doing lately...)

Who Would Have Thought? »
(It was a surprise; no one could have guessed...)

You Have To Take The Good With The Bad »
(accept that everything has a bad as well as a good side...)

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush »
(don't risk losing what you have by trying to get more; it is better to value what you have than to try to get more...)

A Couple Of »
(two things which have a similarity and go together...)

A Gold Mine Of Information »
(very valuable because they have many answers to important questions...)

A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing »
(people who have only a little knowledge about something often make big mistakes because they think they know more than they actually know...)

A Night On The Town »
(that person will go out to have fun at different public places...)

A Toss-Up »
(the results have not been decided...)

All Told »
(here is the number; we counted them all and we have the number...)

Arguing For The Sake Of Argument »
(the person does not have a reason to disagree; the person is being disagreeable...)

Awol »
(a military term for Absence Without Leave; that person left but did not have permission to leave...)

Be Swimming In Something »
(have a lot of it...)

Bear Fruit »
(have a good result...)

Breaking The Bank »
(spending more money than you have...)

Cast One's Lot In With Someone »
(join that person and have the same result that they have...)

Change Someone's Mind »
(do or tell something which causes a person to have a different opinion...)

Chink In One's Armor »
(one who is very strong appears to have a small weakness...)

Clean Out Of Something »
(don't have any more of that thing...)

Coming In Handy »
(it was convenient to have that thing...)

Do Away With Someone Or Something »
(get rid of that thing; not have it any more...)

Down On One's Luck »
(one has been having bad luck lately; bad things have been happening...)

Even Steven »
(children's saying which means both have the same amount...)

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining »
(even bad things can have a good result...)

Falling In Love With You »
(beginning to have feelings of love for you...)

Feel Up To Something »
(feel strong, prepared, and have the energy to do it...)

Fill The Bill »
(have what is needed to do something...)

Fix Someone Up With Someone Or Something »
(arrange for a person to have or do that thing...)

Flat Out »
(have no more of that thing...)

Forbidden Fruit »
(a person or thing one is not allowed to touch or have...)

Forgive And Forget »
(forgive a person for what they have done, and not continue to be angry...)

Free For All »
(anyone can have it; a frantic situation where everyone is trying to get some...)

Fresh Out Of Something »
(we have no more of it; there is none left...)

Get A Crush On Someone »
(have a love interest towards that person...)

Get A Whiff Of Something »
(smell it; have an idea that it is happening...)

Get An In With Someone »
(have an opportunity to meet...)

Get Back To Someone »
(communicate with someone at a later time about a question they have...)

Get Carried Away »
(have such strong feelings while doing something that one does too much...)

Get Into A Jam »
(get stuck; get into trouble; have a problem that you cannot escape...)

Get Involved With Someone »
(have a relationship with that person...)

Get Off On The Wrong Foot »
(have a bad start; start badly; the two did not like each other when they met...)

Get The Day Off »
(have a day without working...)

Get The Floor »
(have the opportunity to speak in front of the group...)

Get The Goods On Someone »
(have information that someone did something wrong...)

Idle Hands Are The Devil's Tools »
(when you have nothing to do you are more likely to get into trouble...)

If Push Comes To Shove »
(if we have to use force...)

In Short Supply »
(there is very little of it; we have almost no more...)

In The Money »
(have a lot of money; become rich...)

It Takes Two To Tango »
(when two people have a conflict, both people are at fault...)

Joking Aside »
(I am going to talk seriously now; we have been making jokes about something, but I want to speak seriously now...)

Jump Through Hoops »
(to get something done, one has to do other things which should be unnecessary; have to do special things...)

Live It Up »
(have fun; enjoy yourself...)

Live Out Of A Suitcase »
(not have one's own place to store one's things; be homeless...)

Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth »
(questioning the value of something you have received for free...)

No Comment »
(I have nothing to say; I will not say what I think...)

Off And Running »
(the race has begun; the contestants have started...)

Off One's Rocker »
(casual: that was a stupid idea; you must have gone crazy...)

People Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones »
(don't criticize other people when you yourself have faults and weaknesses...)

Same Here »
(I did too; I have the same idea; the same thing applies to me...)

Show One's Hand »
(let the other one know what you have...)

Skate On Thin Ice »
(taking a risk; doing something dangerous; it could have a very bad result...)

Start Off On The Wrong Foot »
(have a bad start; begin with bad feelings...)

Take A Shine To Someone Or Something »
(begin to like them a lot; begin to have strong feelings towards them...)

Take A Stab At Something »
(attempt to do someone that one doesn't have a lot of experience doing...)

Take Effect »
(big to have a result or reaction...)

Take Heart »
(feel optimistic; have hope...)

Take Off On Something »
(lose hold of something and have it run away...)

The Big Moment »
(The time that you have been waiting for...)

The First Step Is Always The Hardest »
(Everything is easier once you have already started; getting started is the hardest part...)

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil »
(you have to make noise if you want to get things done...)

The Squeeky Wheel Gets The Oil »
(you have to make noise if you want to get things done...)

Think A Great Deal Of Someone Or Something »
(have a very good opinion of...)

Think A Lot Of Someone Or Something »
(have a very good opinion of...)

Think Better Of Something »
(have a better feeling towards...)

Think Little Of Someone Or Something »
(not have a lot of respect for...)

Those Were The Days »
(things were good at that time; i have a good memory of those days...)

Throw In The Towel »
(quit the match; give up in a game; one does not have the strength to continue...)

Wear More Than One Hat »
(have more than one role or responsibility...)

Wet Someone's Whistle »
(Have something to drink when one is thirsty...)

What Are You Up To? »
(what you have been doing; what are you doing lately...)

What Can I Say? »
(I have no comment right now...)

What Do You Want Me To Say? »
(I feel pressured to say something but I don't have anything to say...)

What's Up? »
(Casual greeting like 'hello', asking the other person about what they have been doing lately...)

Where Was I? »
(I have forgotten where I was in this story I was telling you...)

Where've You Been Hiding Yourself? »
(I have not seen you around lately; where have you been?...)

Work Out All Right »
(have a good conclusion...)

Work Out For The Best »
(It will have a good result; the result will be the best possible conclusion...)

Write Someone Or Something Off »
(Believe that it will fail; not have confidence that they will succeed...)

You Got Me There »
(I have to give you credit for discovering my error; I cannot disagree with what you have said...)



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