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"Having" Idioms & Phrases with "Having"
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keyword: Having
A Fighting Chance »
(having a chance to win if they fight very hard...)

At Loggerheads With Someone »
(having a disagreement with that person; stuck in disagreement...)

Bad Blood Between People »
(people having bad feelings towards each other...)

Crossing Swords With You »
(the two are having a fight or struggle...)

Down On One's Luck »
(one has been having bad luck lately; bad things have been happening...)

Falling For You »
(falling in love; having strong feelings of love...)

Flat Broke »
(having no money at all...)

Get Back Into Circulation »
(begin to go out and see others after not having gone out for some time...)

Get Back On One's Feet »
(able to move around after having been unable to walk due to sickness or injury...)

Get Religion »
(begin having religious beliefs...)

Hang Around With Someone »
(spend time with that person; spend casual time together having fun or relaxing...)

In A Stupor »
(having trouble standing up and staying awake...)

In Deep Water »
(in trouble; having big problems that are difficult to solve...)

They Had A Falling Out »
(they are having a fight...)

You're In The Mood For It »
(you feel like having it; you want it...)



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