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"Hear" Idioms & Phrases with "Hear"
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keyword: Hear
Will Not Hear Of Something »
(The answer is 'No' and one will not even consider the possibility of 'Yes'...)

A Piercing Scream »
(a scream so loud and high-pitched that it hurts to hear it...)

Deaf And Dumb »
(cannot hear sounds nor speak words...)

Deaf As A Post »
(completely deaf; unable to hear...)

Go In One Ear And Out The Other »
(the person did not hear what was said; one is acting as if one did not hear...)

I Didn't Catch Your Name »
(i was not able to hear your name so please say it again...)

It Fell On Deaf Ears »
(they did not listen to what was said, so they did not hear it...)

No News Is Good News »
(if something bad happened, we would probably hear about it...)

Out Of Earshot »
(they cannot hear us because they are far away...)

Within Shouting Distance »
(they can hear us when we shout; close enough that they can hear if we shout...)

You Can Say That Again »
(I agree with you so much that I am willing to hear you say it again...)



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