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"Heart" Idioms & Phrases with "Heart"
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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder »
(the time spent apart makes you care for a person even more...)

An Aching Heart »
(one feels the pain of loss or want; one is pained by losing or wanting something...)

Die Of A Broken Heart »
(one's grief at not being with a loved one causes that person to do...)

Do Someone's Heart Good »
(doing that will make the person feel better...)

Eat One's Heart Out »
(be jealous of another; sometimes a loser is taunted with this statement...)

Find It In One's Heart To Do Something »
(it would be very kind if you would please do this thing...)

Follow One's Heart »
(do what you feel is the right thing to do...)

From The Bottom Of One's Heart »
(one feels the emotion very deeply and truthfully...)

From The Heart »
(said or done in an honest and caring way...)

Get At The Heart Of The Matter »
(do or talk about the thing that is most important...)

Have A Change Of Heart »
(one's feelings about doing something have changed...)

Set One's Heart Against Something »
(feel strongly one does not want it...)

Set One's Heart On Something »
(feel strongly that one wants it...)

Take Heart »
(feel optimistic; have hope...)

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve »
(expressing your emotions freely and openly...)



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