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"Hurt" Idioms & Phrases with "Hurt"
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A Little Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone »
(it is good to work hard sometimes; one should not complain about working hard because it is a good thing...)

What One Doesn't Know Won't Hurt One »
(it would cause more trouble if that person knew what happened...)

What They Don't Know Won't Hurt Them »
(they don't need to know...)

Add Insult To Injury »
(a person has been hurt, then something is said which makes that person feel even worse...)

Biting The Hand That Feeds You »
(hurt the one who has been helping you...)

Gentle As A Lamb »
(very gentle; would never hurt others...)

Handle Someone With Kid Gloves »
(be careful with that person; take care not to hurt one's feelings...)

Live And Let Live »
(one should be careful to not hurt others...)

Settle A Score With Someone »
(get revenge on that person; hurt the one who hurt you...)

Settle The Score With Someone »
(get revenge on that person; hurt a person who hurt you...)

Thick Skinned »
(Feelings not easily hurt...)



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