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"Just" Idioms & Phrases with "Just"
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Able To Take Just So Much »
(losing patience; becoming angry...)

Just A Stone's Throw Away From Something »
(very near to it; it very nearly happened...)

Just As I Expected »
(I was correct; it happened as I expected it would happen...)

Just Because »
(it is that way and there is no deeper reason for it...)

You Just Don't Get It »
(You are not understanding the situation...)

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned »
(saving money is just as important as earning money...)

Actions Speak Louder Than Words »
(to do the thing is more difficult and important than to just talk about it; doing things is much more difficult and important than just talking about things...)

All Over Again »
(it happened again, just like the first time...)

And Then Some »
(even more than was just said; it was that, and more of it...)

Do So »
(do the thing that was just talked about...)

For A Lark »
(not for any good reason; just or fun...)

Get Off To A Bad Start »
(it just started, and it is going badly...)

Get Off To A Flying Start »
(it just started; and it is going very well...)

Get Through Something »
(just finished doing it...)

In A Word »
(here is one word to answer your question; if answering with just one word, this is what I would say...)

Johnny Come Lately »
(one who has just arrived; a newcomer...)

Johnny On The Spot »
(one arrives just in time; without delay; on time but not early...)

Nip Something In The Bud »
(stop it just when it is beginning...)

Not A Moment To Spare »
(one arrived just as it started...)

Off The Cuff »
(one just thought it up and said it; without preparation...)

On A Lark »
(unplanned; just for fun; not for any reason; the decision was made quickly and casually...)

Truer Words Were Never Spoken »
(I totally agree with what you just said...)



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