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keyword: Like
And The Like »
(and things like that...)

Eat Like A Horse »
(eat a lot of food and possibly appear sloppy...)

Feel Like A Million Dollars »
(feel great, fantastic, wonderful, energetic...)

Feel Like A New Person »
(feel like one's problems are finished...)

Feel Like It »
(want to do it...)

Feeling Like Doing It »
(wanting to do it; interested in doing it; eager to do it...)

Fit Like A Glove »
(this piece of clothing fits perfectly and feels very comfortable...)

Go Over Like A Lead Balloon »
(people did not like it; it was not popular; they hated it...)

Like A Sitting Duck »
(easy to hit...)

Like An Open Book »
(open, honest; and available; not hidden; not secret...)

Like Nothing On Earth »
(something like that had never been seen before...)

Like Ships That Pass In The Night »
(a casual and coincidental meeting...)

Like Sitting Ducks »
(targets that are easy to hit; we can get them easily...)

Like Two Peas In A Pod »
(they fit together very well; they are comfortable with each other; two people who are similar and fit well together...)

Like Water Off A Duck's Back »
(one does not let that thing bother one...)

Look Like A Million Dollars »
(looks really good...)

Look Like Something The Cat Dragged In »
(looking terrible as if one has been through a very bad experience...)

Off Like A Shot »
(starting very quickly...)

Out Like A Light »
(fell asleep quickly...)

Sleep Like A Baby »
(slept very well; slept gently and comfortably...)

Sleep Like A Log »
(sleep very deeply and soundly...)

Spread Like Wildfire »
(it moved fast and out of control...)

Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb »
(it is obvious and can be seen easily; it is difficult to hide...)

There's No Place Like Home »
(home gives us a special feeling that nothing else can give us...)

They Don't Make Them Like They Used To »
(Products are not built as well today as they were in the past...)

A Bird's Eye View »
(what it looks like when seen from above...)

A Blessing In Disguise »
(it seemed like a bad thing at first, but the result was surprisingly good; it appeared to be a bad thing but turned out to be a good thing...)

A Drop In The Bucket »
(it does not matter; it is a small amount; it seems like a very small amount...)

A Drop In The Ocean »
(it seems like a very small amount...)

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed »
(people who need things are often polite and act like friends; people who need help from us will act friendly towards us...)

A Kind Of A Something »
(it is like that thing; it fits into the same category as that thing...)

A Storm Is Brewing »
(something is preparing to happen, like the way clouds gather and the weather changes before a storm...)

A Taste Of Things To Come »
(some knowledge of what the future will be like...)

A Thumbnail Sketch »
(a small drawing or illustration of what it is like...)

Acquire A Taste For Something »
(begin to enjoy the taste of a food; begin to like doing something...)

Act High And Mighty »
(act like one is better or more important than others...)

Act Something Out »
(do a performance to show what it was like...)

All Over Again »
(it happened again, just like the first time...)

An Affinity For Someone Or Something »
(you like that thing; you do it well...)

And What Have You »
(and things like that...)

As Drunk As A Skunk »
(very drunk; that person is drunk and smells like alcohol...)

Be A Million Miles Away »
(far away; it feels like one is far away...)

Be The Spitting Image Of Someone »
(the one looks exactly like the other...)

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together »
(people like to spend time with others who are similar...)

Choke Someone Up »
(makes one feel like one is going to cry...)

Devil May Care Attitude »
(one acts like one does not care what others think...)

Do Not Have A Care In The World »
(carefree; without problems; acting like nothing bothers one...)

Do One's Own Thing »
(do what you like to do and not what others force you to do...)

Down For The Count »
(one is not able to continue, like a fighter who has fallen and cannot get up...)

Drunk As A Skunk »
(very drunk; that person is drunk and smells like alcohol...)

Ebb And Flow »
(movement which is like the rise and fall of tide water...)

Feel Out Of Place »
(feel strange, awkward, unfamiliar, like you don't know the rules...)

Feel Put Upon »
(feel like you are forced to do something...)

Feeling On Top Of The World »
(feeling great, like a winner...)

Flat As A Board »
(it is completely flat, like a piece of wood that is cut to be flat...)

Fond Of Someone Or Something »
(you like them...)

Get A Frog In One's Throat »
(one feels unable to speak; one feels like something is blocking one's throat...)

Get Down To Brass Tacks »
(talk about serious, business-like things...)

Get Off On The Wrong Foot »
(have a bad start; start badly; the two did not like each other when they met...)

Great Minds Think Alike »
(people with great minds think like each other...)

Have A Familiar Ring »
(it sounds familiar; I remember something like that...)

I Don't Belong Here »
(I am not like the others at this place; I should not be here; I am not comfortable here because i am different...)

In Disguise »
(pretending to be someone else; trying to look like another...)

In Drag »
(a man dressed in a woman's clothing, trying to look like a woman...)

Look Good On Paper »
(it seems like a good plan; we are not yet certain that the plan will work...)

Not Your Cup Of Tea »
(not something you like; you don't prefer that...)

Off Again, On Again »
(it was not going to happen, not it seems like it will happen...)

Or Words To That Effect »
(did not say that exactly, but something like that...)

Order Someone About »
(tell that person to do things; act like a person's boss...)

Order Someone Around »
(tell that person where to go and what to do; act like a person's boss...)

Out Of Character »
(that person does not usually do things like that...)

Scream Bloody Murder »
(scream so it sounds like someone is trying to kill you...)

Sitting On Top Of The World »
(one is feeling great; one is feeling like one's life is going great...)

Stark Raving Mad »
(completely crazy; acting like a crazy person...)

Take A Liking To Someone Or Something »
(to begin to like them...)

Take A Nosedive »
(suddenly go down very quickly, like when a crashing airplane heads to the grown nose first...)

Take A Shine To Someone Or Something »
(begin to like them a lot; begin to have strong feelings towards them...)

Take It On The Chin »
(accept the blow or the insult without quitting, like a boxer who gets hit on the chin but keeps fighting...)

Take Leave Of One's Senses »
(not act rationally; not act like oneself; lose control...)

Take One's Medicine »
(you don't like to do it, but it is necessary because it is good for you...)

Time Flies »
(it feels like time is passing quickly...)

What's Up? »
(Casual greeting like 'hello', asking the other person about what they have been doing lately...)

Whoop It Up »
(get excited with a party-like feel...)

With Your Back Up Against The Wall »
(restrained from acting as you would like...)

You Are Keen On Doing It »
(you like doing it; you want to do it more...)

You Are Keen On Him »
(you like it or them; you want more of them...)

You're In The Mood For It »
(you feel like having it; you want it...)

You're In The Mood To Do It »
(feel like doing that; want to do it...)

You're Into It »
(you like that thing; you are enjoying...)



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