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"Making" Idioms & Phrases with "Making"
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keyword: Making
Making A Mistake »
(doing some thing in the wrong way; making an error...)

Better Safe Than Sorry »
(it is better to be careful than to risk making a big mistake...)

Breaking The Ice »
(making people feel more comfortable...)

Doing All Right For Yourself »
(making money and succeeding at your work and in your life...)

Find Something Out The Hard Way »
(one learned it by making a mistake...)

Going Against The Grain »
(making things difficult by acting against the wishes of others...)

Joking Aside »
(I am going to talk seriously now; we have been making jokes about something, but I want to speak seriously now...)

On Someone's Case »
(pursuing that person; making demands or requests of that person...)

Pulling Your Leg »
(making a joke by tricking another person...)

Running The Table »
(making all of your shots and winning...)

She Balled Me Out »
(yell at a person for making a mistake...)

Shut Someone Up »
(force that person to stop talking; stop one from making noise...)

Slip Out »
(leave quietly; go away without making noise...)

Tickle Someone Pink »
(that person was so happy that they were laughing and smiling and making noises...)

Tooting Your Own Horn »
(making noise about your strong points...)



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