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"May" Idioms & Phrases with "May"
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keyword: May
Be That As It May »
(even if that is true...)

Devil May Care Attitude »
(one acts like one does not care what others think...)

Devil May Care Manner »
(a way of acting that shows others that one does not care...)

A Matter Of Life And Death »
(if this does not happen, some may die...)

All Well And Good »
(what you are saying may be true, but there may be something else more important...)

For All It's Worth »
(though it may or may not be important to you...)

For The Moment »
(this is the plan for now, but it may change...)

In The Public Eye »
(where everyone can see you; people you don't know may be watching...)

Off Limits »
(you are not allowed to go there; one may not do that...)

Sit Something Out »
(not participate; rest for now; one may join at a later time but not now...)



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