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"Me" Idioms & Phrases with "Me"
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A Little Bird Told Me »
(a person who I will not identify whispered this secret to me; I know because this secret was whispered to me...)

Back Me Up »
(help me; give me your support...)

Bail Me Out »
(help that person get out of a bad situation...)

Hand Me Down »
(used clothing given from older children to younger children...)

Hang Out With Me »
(spend enjoyable time with that person...)

Join Forces With Me »
(become partners; work together; form a team...)

Lend Me Your Ear »
(please listen to me...)

She Balled Me Out »
(yell at a person for making a mistake...)

They Jumped All Over Me »
(attack that person continuously, usually with words; be very aggressive with one suddenly...)

What Do You Want Me To Say? »
(I feel pressured to say something but I don't have anything to say...)

Woe Is Me »
(Often said to make fun of someone who is feeling sorry for himself...)

You Beat Me To The Punch »
(you were quicker; you got there first...)

You Got Me There »
(I have to give you credit for discovering my error; I cannot disagree with what you have said...)

You Scared Me Out Of My Wits »
(what you did frightened me so that I could not think clearly...)

You Scared The Crap Out Of Me »
(rude speech, crass: you frightened me...)

You Scared The Hell Out Of Me »
(What you did scared me and I still get a bit upset when I remember it; what you did frightened me very suddenly...)

You Scared The Pants Off Of Me »
(I was not prepared for what happened and it frightened me...)

Your Secret Is Safe With Me »
(I will not tell others what I know...)

Bear With Someone »
(be patient with me; wait for me...)

Friend Or Foe »
(tell me who you are; are you my friend, or my enemy?...)

Got A Bang Out Of It »
(I really enjoyed it; it was fun and exciting and gave me pleasure...)

Hand It Over »
(give it to me now; give me that...)

Hands Off »
(let go of me; don't touch that...)

Never Would Have Guessed »
(that surprises me...)

No Skin Off Someone's Nose »
(it does not bother me...)

Pardon My French »
(I am sorry for swearing; excuse me for using bad words...)

Same Here »
(I did too; I have the same idea; the same thing applies to me...)

Who Do You Think You're Talking To? »
(You are talking to me as if I don't understand the situation...)

You Scratch My Back And I'll Scratch Yours »
(if you help me then I will help you too; let's help each other...)

Yours Truly »
(me, myself...)



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