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keyword: Or
A Credit To Someone Or Something »
(it happened because of the good qualities of that person...)

A Hush Fell Over Someone Or Something »
(they became quiet...)

A Number Of Things Or People »
(more than one...)

Accustomed To Someone Or Something »
(familiar with; used to...)

An Affinity For Someone Or Something »
(you like that thing; you do it well...)

Be Curtains For Someone Or Something »
(that thing is finished; that one will lose...)

Bear Someone Or Something In Mind »
(remember it; keep it in mind...)

Believe It Or Not »
(it is surprising but it is true...)

Call For Someone Or Something »
(ask for that one to come...)

Can't Do Anything With Someone Or Something »
(that person is not useful...)

Can't Make Heads Or Tails Out Of Someone Or Something »
(do not understand it at all; it does not make sense to one...)

Can't Stand The Sight Of Someone Or Something »
(dislike that person strongly...)

Carry On Without Someone Or Something »
(continue working after one is gone...)

Cast About For Someone Or Something »
(try to find away to learn or get something...)

Cast Doubts On Someone Or Something »
(makes one question whether or not that is true...)

Catch On To Someone Or Something »
(discover what is being done...)

Chance Upon Someone Or Something »
(discover something by accident; find something without looking for it...)

Charge Someone Or Something Up »
(give someone reason to get excited...)

Check In On Someone Or Something »
(visit one to see that they are okay...)

Clamp Down On Someone Or Something »
(not allow it to happen anyway; become more strict...)

Do Away With Someone Or Something »
(get rid of that thing; not have it any more...)

Do Or Die »
(a situation where one must perform well or one will fail...)

Down On Someone Or Something »
(finding faults with or criticizing that one...)

Fiddle Around With Someone Or Something »
(play with something irresponsibly...)

Figure Someone Or Something Out »
(learn; discover; find out; understand...)

Fill Someone In On Someone Or Something »
(tell one about it, let one know that it happened...)

Find Fault With Someone Or Something »
(one discovers something wrong in what the other...)

Find Someone Or Something Out »
(learn the secret that they are hiding...)

Fish Or Cut Bait »
(don't waste time; either do it now or quit...)

Fix Someone Up With Someone Or Something »
(arrange for a person to have or do that thing...)

Fly In The Face Of Someone Or Something »
(goes against what is known...)

Fond Of Someone Or Something »
(you like them...)

For Better Or For Worse »
(said when two people marry, their commitment to stay together in good times and bad times...)

Force Someone Or Something Down Someone's Throat »
(force one to do something that they don't want to do...)

Foul Someone Or Something Up »
(make a mistake and ruin something...)

Friend Or Foe »
(tell me who you are; are you my friend, or my enemy?...)

Get A Head Start On Someone Or Something »
(begin running the race before the other one...)

Get A Kick Out Of Someone Or Something »
(that thing makes one laugh...)

Get A Load Of Someone Or Something »
(take a look at that...)

Get A Thing About Someone Or Something »
(become interested in that person for some reason...)

Get Along With Someone Or Something »
(they feel comfortable together...)

Get Along Without Someone Or Something »
(one is able to continue after the other is gone...)

Get An Eyeful Of Someone Or Something »
(take a look at that...)

Get Mad At Someone Or Something »
(be angry at that person; become angry because of what that person did...)

Get To First Base With Someone Or Something »
(kiss that person on the mouth...)

Go For Someone Or Something »
(try to get that thing...)

Have A Bad Effect On Someone Or Something »
(one's influence makes that person worse...)

Have A Clean Conscience About Someone Or Something »
(one does not feel guilty about it...)

Have A Clear Conscience About Someone Or Something »
(one does not feel guilty about it...)

In Defiance Of Someone Or Something »
(doing it against that one; doing it even though that one said "don't do it"....)

Look Down On Someone Or Something »
(not respect that one...)

Look High And Low For Someone Or Something »
(try to find it in many places...)

Look In On Someone Or Something »
(check to see if that person is okay...)

Nail In Someone's Or Something's Coffin »
(it will kill them; this guarantees they are finished...)

Nail Someone Or Something Down »
(force them to commit to something...)

No Ifs, Ands, Or Buts About It »
(it must happen this way; nothing else is acceptable...)

Not Able To Make Anything Out Of Someone Or »
(don't understand it at all...)

Or Else »
(or there will be a punishment...)

Or Words To That Effect »
(did not say that exactly, but something like that...)

Out Of Consideration For Someone Or Something »
(one is not being considered for that...)

Set Someone Or Something On Fire »
(something made him very angry...)

Set Someone Or Something Straight »
(help one understand something important that one does not yet understand...)

Shape Up Or Ship Out »
(either do what you should be doing, or leave...)

Shy Away From Someone Or Something »
(not do something because it makes one a little afraid...)

Sick And Tired Of Someone Or Something »
(one wishes that thing would stop; one does not want it to happen any more...)

Sink Or Swim »
(a situation where one will either make a great effort, or fail...)

Size Someone Or Something Up »
(try to decide how good that one will be...)

Slow Someone Or Something Down »
(cause one to go slower...)

Steer Clear Of Someone Or Something »
(avoid that person...)

Take A Gander At Someone Or Something »
(look at that and be prepared for something interesting...)

Take A Liking To Someone Or Something »
(to begin to like them...)

Take A Shine To Someone Or Something »
(begin to like them a lot; begin to have strong feelings towards them...)

Take A Stand Against Someone Or Something »
(be unwilling to tolerate that some wrong is being done; stand up for or against...)

Take A Whack At Someone Or Something »
(attempt to do something that one has not been trained to do...)

Take Advantage Of Someone Or Something »
(use ones knowledge or connection for selfish gain...)

Take Aim At Someone Or Something »
(to decide that one will do something...)

Take Care Of Someone Or Something »
(handle that matter; help and care for that person...)

Take Charge Of Someone Or Something »
(become the leader or responsible one in that situation...)

Take It Easy On Someone Or Something »
(not be strict about; not punish or harass that person...)

Take It Or Leave It »
(this is the last offer; either accept or reject this proposal because there will be no more adjustments...)

Take Liberties With Someone Or Something »
(allow oneself to do things that one should not do...)

Take Off After Someone Or Something »
(leave in a hurry to catch them...)

Take Offense At Someone Or Something »
(feel insulted about it...)

Take Pity On Someone Or Something »
(feel badly for another person's trouble...)

Take Precedence Over Someone Or Something »
(be more important than...)

Take Someone Or Something At Face Value »
(expect from that thing only what it is actually worth; don't hope for more; it is what it appears to be...)

Take Someone Or Something Away »
(take that one to another place...)

Take Someone Or Something By Storm »
(arrive with a big noise and lots of activity...)

Think A Great Deal Of Someone Or Something »
(have a very good opinion of...)

Think A Lot Of Someone Or Something »
(have a very good opinion of...)

Think Back On Someone Or Something »
(remember that thing...)

Think Highly Of Someone Or Something »
(you think there is a lot of good in that person...)

Think Little Of Someone Or Something »
(not have a lot of respect for...)

Think Nothing Of Someone Or Something »
(not respect that person; think that person is no good...)

Think Someone Or Something Fit For Something »
(believe that one is good enough to do the job...)

Think The World Of Someone Or Something »
(think that one is one of the most important in the world...)

Weed Someone Or Something Out »
(get rid of what is not useful...)

Without Rhyme Or Reason »
(There was no good or logical reason for what was done; there was no good reason why it happened...)

Work Someone Or Something In »
(Find the time to include it...)

Work Wonders With Someone Or Something »
(Make a big improvement...)

Wrapped Up In Someone Or Something »
(All of one's attention is on it...)

Wreak Vengeance Upon Someone Or »
(Get revenge in a destructive way...)

Wreak Vengeance Upon Someone Or Something »
(Get revenge in a destructive way...)

Write Someone Or Something Off »
(Believe that it will fail; not have confidence that they will succeed...)

Write Someone Or Something Up »
(Make an official document of what happened or what someone did wrong...)

Zoom In On Someone Or Something »
(focus on; look at more closely as if through a camera...)

A Bundle Of Nerves »
(very nervous; very nervous or frightened...)

A Copycat »
(one who thoughtlessly copies the work of another; one who copies the work or actions of another...)

A Crick In One's Back »
(a soreness or pain felt in the person's back...)

A Crick In One's Neck »
(a soreness or pain felt in the person's neck...)

A Dead Duck »
(in trouble; likely to lose, fail, or be killed...)

A Far Away Look »
(a look in ones eyes when one is not focused on the present moment; the way a person looks when they are thinking of other times or places...)

A Few Cards Short Of A Deck »
(something is lacking in that person; the person is being described as crazy or stupid...)

A Few Cards Shy Of A Full Deck »
(something is lacking in that person; the person is being described as crazy or stupid...)

A Goner »
(one who has lost or will surely lose...)

A Kink In My Neck »
(a soreness or stiffness in the neck...)

A Little New To All This »
(I am a beginner not familiar with this situation or task...)

A Place To Call Your Own »
(a place to live or work where you are the owner...)

A Ripple Of Excitement »
(a feeling of excitement moving in one or from one person to another...)

A Skeleton In The Closet »
(things from ones past that are shameful or embarrassing...)

A Snake In The Grass »
(a sneaky person that wants to trick or steal from; deceitful...)

A Thumbnail Sketch »
(a small drawing or illustration of what it is like...)

Act As Someone »
(take on a certain role or responsibility...)

Act High And Mighty »
(act like one is better or more important than others...)

Aid And Abet Someone »
(a formal or legal way to say "help" someone...)

All Balled Up »
(stuck or confused...)

All Better Now »
(what was sick or problematic is now happy, healthy, resolved...)

All Dressed Up »
(dressed formally or very nicely...)

Almost Lost It »
(almost lost control of one's thoughts, one's feelings, or one's body; almost started laughing; almost vomited...)

An Aching Heart »
(one feels the pain of loss or want; one is pained by losing or wanting something...)

An Act Of Faith »
(one does it because one believes in God or has confidence in another person...)

Answer The Door »
(go to the door and ask who is there or let them in...)

Any Port In A Storm »
(a person will stop anywhere or ask anyone when help is needed...)

At Risk »
(there is a possibility that it could be lost or harmed...)

At Stake »
(what can be gained or lost; this thing could be lost...)

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep »
(being handsome or pretty does not mean that person is good; being handsome or pretty does not mean that person is good...)

Beyond The Call Of Duty »
(more than is expected or required by a job...)

Building You Up »
(saying things to make you look good or feel good...)

Burned To A Crisp »
(the thing is so burned or overcooked that it is dry and flaky...)

Caught In The Middle »
(not able to go the one way or the other way...)

Caught Red Handed »
(discovered while doing something wrong or bad...)

Cause A Commotion »
(make a lot of noise and be noticed by others or bother others...)

Cause A Stir »
(cause people to look and ask questions or make comments...)

Cause Some Eyebrows To Raise »
(make people wonder what you are doing or ask why...)

Change Someone's Mind »
(do or tell something which causes a person to have a different opinion...)

Changing Your Tune »
(what you do or say now is different from before...)

Check Out »
(officially leave some place such as a hotel or hospital...)

Crossing Swords With You »
(the two are having a fight or struggle...)

Die A Natural Death »
(one's death did not happen as the result of an accident or tragedy...)

Do An Errand »
(do a small task or job that needed to be done...)

Draw A Blank »
(one is thinking or remembering but does not find the answer...)

Earn One's Keep »
(work to pay to for membership, i.e. in a home or at a job...)

Fair Haired Boy »
(a boy with blond or light colored hair...)

Fine And Dandy »
(a polite and cheerful way to say "good" or "well"...)

Fit In Someone »
(find a time or a place for that one...)

Flesh And Blood »
(family members; one's immediate relatives; children, parents or siblings...)

For A Lark »
(not for any good reason; just or fun...)

For All I Care »
(i do not care whether you do that or not...)

For All It's Worth »
(though it may or may not be important to you...)

For Safekeeping »
(so it does not get lost or stolen...)

Forbidden Fruit »
(a person or thing one is not allowed to touch or have...)

Force Someone Out Of Office »
(a person is pressured to quit or leave an elected position...)

Foul One's Own Nest »
(do something to ruin or damage one's home situation...)

Foul Play »
(cheating; trickery; unfair or illegal actions...)

From The Heart »
(said or done in an honest and caring way...)

Get A Break »
(get some help or assistance; get a chance to rest...)

Get A Clean Bill Of Health »
(a doctor or specialist says that the body has no problems...)

Get A Dirty Look From Someone »
(the person has an expression which shows they are angry or upset with you...)

Get A Lot Of Mileage Out Of Something »
(able to use it for a long time; a car or other thing which lasts a long time...)

Get A Slap On The Wrist »
(receive a very mild or light punishment...)

Get All Dolled Up »
(a woman makes herself more pretty by putting on nice clothes or cosmetics...)

Get At The Heart Of The Matter »
(do or talk about the thing that is most important...)

Get Away From It All »
(escape from one's problems or difficulties...)

Get Back On One's Feet »
(able to move around after having been unable to walk due to sickness or injury...)

Get Butterflies In One's Stomach »
(one has a nervous or excited feeling in the stomach area...)

Get By On Something »
(able to live or survive with only that thing...)

Get By With Something »
(able to function or continue with only that thing...)

Get Down To Business »
(talk about a formal or official matter; doing the most important thing...)

Get Goose Bumps »
(one's skin feels tingling due to an emotion such as love, sadness or fear...)

Get Goose Pimples »
(one's skin feels tingling due to an emotion such as love, sadness or fear...)

Get Gray Hairs »
(one's hair become white in color from old age or stress...)

Get In Someone's Hair »
(bother that person by being too close or involved with them...)

Get Lost »
(not know where on is; go to where one does not know how to find things; become confused or forget; leave this place...)

Get One's Foot In The Door »
(get an opportunity or introduction with that person or place...)

Get Physical With Someone »
(touch that persons body; use physical force to strike or move a person...)

Get The Old Heave Ho »
(be fired from a job or thrown out of some event...)

Get The Short End Of The Stick »
(be the one who gets a bad deal or a worse deal than the others...)

Get The Willies »
(get a very gross or uncomfortable feeling...)

Get Wet »
(water or other liquid got on one's skin or clothing...)

Get Worked Up Over Something »
(get angry or upset about what happened...)

Give Someone A Ring »
(call him or her on the telephone...)

Go It Alone »
(be the only one; do it or go there without anyone else...)

Go Straight »
(no longer break the law or do something wrong...)

Go The Distance »
(last for the entire match without quitting or being knocked out...)

Had Better Do That »
(do that thing, or there will be a problem...)

Hang Around With Someone »
(spend time with that person; spend casual time together having fun or relaxing...)

Have A Blowout »
(one has lost the tire of ones car, bike or motorcycle...)

Have A Good Command Of Something »
(be able to do or use it well...)

If Not »
(if it does not happen or is not true...)

If So »
(if that happens or is true...)

In A Quandary »
(in a difficult or confusing situation...)

In Due Time »
(it will happen eventually; there is no need to rush it or hurry...)

Judge Something On Its Own Merits »
(that things is judged by it's own good or bad points, not by association with others...)

Jumping On The Bandwagon »
(start doing or saying the same as the others...)

Keeping A Straight Face »
(not show expression on one's face; not show joy, sadness or anger...)

Laying An Egg »
(doing or saying something stupid...)

Off The Top Of One's Head »
(one thinks it up quickly and easily; without help or preparation...)

On Active Duty »
(in the military or diplomatic service right now; not on vacation...)

On Edge »
(nervous; tense; impatient; reacting angrily or fearfully...)

On Someone's Case »
(pursuing that person; making demands or requests of that person...)

Out Of Bounds »
(one is not allowed to do that or go there...)

Out Of Fashion »
(people do not do that or wear that any more...)

Out Of Place »
(saying or doing what is not okay for that place...)

Out Of Print »
(that book or magazine is no longer being published...)

Out Of Shape »
(weak or fat; one's body is not strong and fit...)

Sick As A Dog »
(very sick with a cold or flu...)

Sign On With Someone »
(join that team or company...)

Take A Hard Line With Someone »
(not be willing to compromise or change one's opinion...)

Take A Load Off One's Feet »
(to sit down and rest after standing or walking for a long time...)

Take A Spill »
(fall down so that one hits the ground and continues rolling or tumbling...)

Take A Toll »
(doing it has a cost; one becomes tired or weary or loses something as a result...)

Take A Walk »
(walk somewhere, usually for pleasure or relaxation...)

Take Effect »
(big to have a result or reaction...)

Take It On The Chin »
(accept the blow or the insult without quitting, like a boxer who gets hit on the chin but keeps fighting...)

Take Off »
(leave some place, the way a ship or an airplane leaves...)

Take Someone For A Fool »
(believe that person is foolish or stupid...)

Throw One's Weight Around »
(push others who are smaller or weaker...)

Thunder »
(the sound that comes from big clouds in the sky, often after flash of lightning or during rain...)

Tied Up »
(that person or thing is tied so that it cannot move or escape...)

Wear More Than One Hat »
(have more than one role or responsibility...)

Wet Blanket »
(A person who is boring and makes others feel bored or stuck...)

What Goes Around, Comes Around »
(There is a natural fairness in life; if we do good or bad, that same thing is done to us...)

Wither On The Vine »
(Die or fail visibly where it should be growing and thriving...)

Wrap Something Up »
(Finish or complete a task...)

Wreak Havoc With Something »
(Act in a way that destroys things or makes things difficult...)

Write Something Down »
(Write something on paper to help to record or remember it...)

Yield The Right Of Way »
(Stop or slow and wait while another crosses or moves ahead...)

You Are Keen On Him »
(you like it or them; you want more of them...)

Zonked Out »
(very tired so resting or falling asleep...)



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