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"Place" Idioms & Phrases with "Place"
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keyword: Place
A Place To Call Your Own »
(a place to live or work where you are the owner...)

Between A Rock And A Hard Place »
(stuck in a difficult situation...)

Falling Into Place »
(it is as it should be; it will be good...)

Feel Out Of Place »
(feel strange, awkward, unfamiliar, like you don't know the rules...)

Out Of Place »
(saying or doing what is not okay for that place...)

Take Place »

There's No Place Like Home »
(home gives us a special feeling that nothing else can give us...)

A Bull In A China Shop »
(a clumsy person in a place where they can break something easily...)

A Den Of Iniquity »
(a place where wrong and dirty things happen...)

A Hive Of Activity »
(a place where people are busy and working hard...)

A Mecca For Someone »
(the place you dream of going...)

A Mine Of Information »
(a place where a lot of information is found...)

A Paradise On Earth »
(a perfect place; exactly what you want...)

A Square Peg In A Round Hole »
(it was put in a place where it does not fit...)

After Hours »
(the time after the place is closed...)

At Home »
(the place where one lives; comfortable...)

Barking Up The Wrong Tree »
(look for it in the wrong place...)

Behind Closed Doors »
(in a place where no one could see it happen...)

Bringing Up The Rear »
(the last one; in last place...)

Carry Something Over »
(continue something which was started in another place...)

Check Out »
(officially leave some place such as a hotel or hospital...)

Eat A Meal Out »
(leave one's place to eat a meal at a restaurant...)

Every Nook And Cranny »
(in every little place where the thing could be...)

Find One's Way Around »
(learning how to get from one place to another place...)

Fit In Someone »
(find a time or a place for that one...)

From Overseas »
(from a place on the other side of an ocean...)

Get A Fix On Something »
(learn the place where it is...)

Get Around »
(move from one place to another place; spend time with lots of different people in different places...)

Get Lost »
(not know where on is; go to where one does not know how to find things; become confused or forget; leave this place...)

Get One's Foot In The Door »
(get an opportunity or introduction with that person or place...)

Hail From »
(come from that place...)

Hang Out There »
(spend time at that place relaxing...)

I Don't Belong Here »
(I am not like the others at this place; I should not be here; I am not comfortable here because i am different...)

In The Middle Of Nowhere »
(a place that is far from anything important to you...)

Live Out Of A Suitcase »
(not have one's own place to store one's things; be homeless...)

Over There »
(at that place...)

Shipping And Handling »
(the cost of mailing a package from one place to another...)

Show Someone Up »
(do better than that person in a place where others can see...)

Sit In For Someone »
(take the place of that person...)

Take Off »
(leave some place, the way a ship or an airplane leaves...)

Take Someone Or Something Away »
(take that one to another place...)

Throw One's Voice »
(make it sound as if one's voice is coming from a different place...)

When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do »
(it is best to do as the people do who are from that place; when visiting a foreign place it is best to do things the way those people do...)



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