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A Harbinger Of Things To Come »
(it shows us what will happen in the future...)

A Number Of Things Or People »
(more than one...)

A Portent Of Things To Come »
(a demonstration of what will happen in the future...)

A Sign Of Things To Come »
(the thing that happened will happen more often in the future...)

A Taste Of Things To Come »
(some knowledge of what the future will be like...)

First Things First »
(the most important thing should always be done first...)

Get Into The Swing Of Things »
(feel comfortable participating in what is going on...)

Things Are Looking Up »
(the situation is getting better...)

You Can't Be All Things To All People »
(able to satisfy everyone's needs...)

A Couple Of »
(two things which have a similarity and go together...)

A Den Of Iniquity »
(a place where wrong and dirty things happen...)

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed »
(people who need things are often polite and act like friends; people who need help from us will act friendly towards us...)

A Horse Of A Different Color »
(one who does things differently from others...)

A Horse Of Another Color »
(one who does things differently from others...)

A Mixed Bag »
(there are lots of different things in it...)

A Skeleton In The Closet »
(things from ones past that are shameful or embarrassing...)

Actions Speak Louder Than Words »
(to do the thing is more difficult and important than to just talk about it; doing things is much more difficult and important than just talking about things...)

After All Is Said And Done »
(when things are calmer; after some time passes and all of this activity is finished...)

Ahead Of The Game »
(things are going very well...)

All Talk And No Action »
(one who says he will do things, but does not do them...)

All That Glitters Is Not Gold »
(some things are not as valuable as the appear to be...)

All Thumbs »
(clumsy; uncoordinated; not able to hold things without dropping them; clumsy and dropping things...)

All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy »
(a children's rhyme that says one is bored - and boring - if one only works; a person who only works becomes boring because doing fun things makes life interesting...)

And The Like »
(and things like that...)

And What Have You »
(and things like that...)

Apples And Oranges »
(the two things are totally different; they cannot be counted in the same way...)

Around The Block »
(been to different places and done different things...)

Bag Of Tricks »
(ability to do many special things...)

Beginning Of The End »
(things will get worse...)

Blowing Your Own Trumpet »
(saying good things about yourself...)

Building You Up »
(saying things to make you look good or feel good...)

Cast One's Pearls Before Swine »
(share important things with people who will not understand their value...)

Clear The Table »
(move dirty things off of the table so it can be clean and ready for use...)

Digging Your Own Grave »
(the thing you are doing will surely cause your failure; you are doing things which will cause you to fail...)

Don't Put The Cart Before The Horse »
(certain things will fail if they are not done in the correct order...)

Down On One's Luck »
(one has been having bad luck lately; bad things have been happening...)

Drawing Attention »
(doing things that cause others to notice...)

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining »
(even bad things can have a good result...)

Everything's Coming Up Roses »
(things are turning out great...)

Fixed In Your Ways »
(not wanting to change how you do things...)

Flexing Your Muscles »
(doing things to show others that you are strong....)

From The Old School »
(this is way things used to be done; the traditional way...)

Full Of Bull »
(telling lies; saying meaningless things...)

Full Of Hot Air »
(speaking a lot of angry words; saying things that are not true...)

Full Of It »
(this person says things which are not true; a liar...)

Get Ahead Of Oneself »
(thinking about future things instead of what you are doing now...)

Get Busy »
(become active with a lot of things to do...)

Get Down To Brass Tacks »
(talk about serious, business-like things...)

Get Lost »
(not know where on is; go to where one does not know how to find things; become confused or forget; leave this place...)

Get On The Good Side Of Someone »
(that person likes you and will do nice things for you...)

Going Against The Grain »
(making things difficult by acting against the wishes of others...)

Haste Makes Waste »
(if you do things too quickly, you make mistakes which are costly...)

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another »
(too many things are going wrong, one after another...)

If Worst Comes To Worst »
(if things turn out badly, here is what we can do...)

In Agreement »
(They agree; those things fit well together...)

Judge Something On Its Own Merits »
(that things is judged by it's own good or bad points, not by association with others...)

Jump Through Hoops »
(to get something done, one has to do other things which should be unnecessary; have to do special things...)

Live And Learn »
(we learn from our mistakes; if bad things happen, we learn from it and continue...)

Live Out Of A Suitcase »
(not have one's own place to store one's things; be homeless...)

Live Within One's Means »
(only buy things that one can afford...)

Money Is The Root Of All Evil »
(wanting more money causes people do very bad things...)

Old Habits Die Hard »
(it is hard to forget old ways of doing things...)

On Someone's Back »
(bothering that person; demanding things from that person...)

Order Someone About »
(tell that person to do things; act like a person's boss...)

Out Of Character »
(that person does not usually do things like that...)

Out Of Order »
(not doing things in the right way...)

Practice What You Preach »
(do things the way you tell others to do them...)

Saving Grace »
(a good thing happened, even though bad things also happened...)

She Spoke Highly Of You »
(that person said good things about you...)

Take Liberties With Someone Or Something »
(allow oneself to do things that one should not do...)

Talk Is Cheap »
(it is easy to talk about doing things but it takes hard work to really do things...)

Talk Turkey »
(saying things that don't make sense...)

The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence »
(we tend to want things that belong to other people...)

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil »
(you have to make noise if you want to get things done...)

The Squeeky Wheel Gets The Oil »
(you have to make noise if you want to get things done...)

The Stars Were All Lined Up »
(a number of things happened which were needed for the perfect result...)

Thin Skinned »
(easily bothered by things...)

Those Were The Days »
(things were good at that time; i have a good memory of those days...)

To Err Is Human, To Forgive Divine »
(when people do things wrong we should try hard to forgive them because all people make mistakes...)

Up To No Good »
(doing bad things...)

What Comes Around Goes Around »
(the things you do to others will happen to you...)

When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do »
(it is best to do as the people do who are from that place; when visiting a foreign place it is best to do things the way those people do...)

When The Chips Are Down »
(When things are not going well; how one feels when one is losing...)

Why Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today »
(don't delay; do the things you need to do as soon as possible...)

Wreak Havoc With Something »
(Act in a way that destroys things or makes things difficult...)

You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But You Can't Make It Drink »
(you can show people how do do things, but people must help themselves...)



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