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keyword: Time
Ahead Of One's Time »
(ones ideas are advanced; one's ideas might not be understood until a future time...)

Ahead Of Time »
(before it begins...)

All In Good Time »
(no need to rush; it will happen at the right time...)

At Some Time Sharp »
(at exactly that time; one should not be late...)

At The Present Time »
(now; right now; for now...)

Every Time You Turn Around »
(it seems to happen very often...)

For The Time Being »
(it will happen this way until something changes...)

From Time To Time »
(it happens occasionally...)

Get Time Off »
(be allowed to not work for a period of time...)

Get Time Off For Good Behavior »
(one's jail time has been shortened because one was good while in jail...)

In Due Time »
(it will happen eventually; there is no need to rush it or hurry...)

In Your Spare Time »
(when you are not busy...)

Live On Borrowed Time »
(something is going to catch you...)

On One's Own Time »
(when one is not being paid by another...)

Since Time Immemorial »
(it has always been this way; it has been that way for a long, long time...)

Take One's Time »
(not hurry; go slowly...)

Time Flies »
(it feels like time is passing quickly...)

Time Is Money »
(time is valuable; wasting time has the same result as wasting money...)

Time Is Up »
(we must stop now...)

Time Off »
(time that one spends resting...)

Time Will Tell »
(after some time passes, we will know; we will find out in the future...)

When The Time Is Ripe »
(it will happen at the right time, not sooner...)

A Final Fling »
(the last time two people get together for romance...)

A Gas »
(a really fun time with lots of laughing...)

A Slave To Something »
(one spends all of one's time and effort on that thing...)

A Thorn In Someone's Side »
(it nags at you; it wastes your time an effort; it regularly gives you pain...)

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder »
(the time spent apart makes you care for a person even more...)

After All Is Said And Done »
(when things are calmer; after some time passes and all of this activity is finished...)

After Hours »
(the time after the place is closed...)

Against The Clock »
(in a hurry; needing to be done before a certain time...)

Ahead Of Schedule »
(more has been done than was expected by this time...)

All Over Again »
(it happened again, just like the first time...)

At Long Last »
(after a long time without it...)

At This Juncture »
(at this time; based on what is happening now...)

Back In Circulation »
(one is seen again after being gone for a long time...)

Beat The Clock »
(do it before a certain time...)

Behind Schedule »
(late; later than the time planned...)

Bending Your Ear »
(talk to you for a long time; forcing you to listen...)

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together »
(people like to spend time with others who are similar...)

Can I Get A Rain Check? »
(get a promise to do that thing at a future time...)

Coming To The Crunch »
(now is the busy time...)

Date Back To Sometime »
(comes from that earlier time...)

Do A Double Take »
(look at something, look away, then look back at the thing a second time...)

Down To The Wire »
(it is close to the finish; there is little time left; we do not yet know who will win...)

Dry Spell »
(a period of time without success...)

Extend Someone Credit »
(allow a customer to pay at a future time for goods given now; lend someone money to be paid back later...)

Extending Credit »
(allow a customer to pay at a future time for goods given now; lend someone money to be paid back later...)

Familiarity Breeds Contempt »
(too much time together causes bad feelings...)

Fish Or Cut Bait »
(don't waste time; either do it now or quit...)

Fit In Someone »
(find a time or a place for that one...)

Follow Up On Something »
(check on something at a later time; make sure that it is being done...)

For The Duration »
(during the time while it is happening...)

Forever And A Day »
(a very long time...)

From Way Back »
(from a long time ago...)

Get A Lot Of Mileage Out Of Something »
(able to use it for a long time; a car or other thing which lasts a long time...)

Get Around »
(move from one place to another place; spend time with lots of different people in different places...)

Get Around To Doing Something »
(you finally take the time to do that thing...)

Get Around To Something »
(you finally take the time for that thing...)

Get Back Into Circulation »
(begin to go out and see others after not having gone out for some time...)

Get Back To Someone »
(communicate with someone at a later time about a question they have...)

Get Down To The Facts »
(talk about what really happened; stop wasting time talking about opinions...)

Get Down To Work »
(begin working; stop wasting time...)

Get Into High Gear »
(moving more quickly; going fast; working hard; not wasted time...)

Go On A Binge »
(do too much of something for a long time...)

Go Out With Someone »
(go on a date with that person; make a plan and spend time with one...)

Hang Around With Someone »
(spend time with that person; spend casual time together having fun or relaxing...)

Hang Out There »
(spend time at that place relaxing...)

Hang Out With Me »
(spend enjoyable time with that person...)

Have A Ball »
(have fun; have a nice time...)

I'll Have To Give You A Rain Check On That »
(give a promise to do that thing at a future time...)

In Season »
(the time of the year for that thing...)

In Storage »
(put away to be used at a future time; it is packed up and stored...)

In The Act »
(doing that thing at that time...)

In The Meantime »
(until it happens; while you are waiting; the time before thing...)

In The Near Future »
(very soon; it will happen soon; the time for it will be soon...)

In The Short Run »
(soon; for now; for a short period of time...)

Johnny On The Spot »
(one arrives just in time; without delay; on time but not early...)

Jump The Gun »
(start before it is time to begin; cheat in a race by starting early...)

Losing Streak »
(a period of time with no wins...)

Off Season »
(this is not the official time of the year for that...)

On Schedule »
(arriving at the correct time...)

Out Of Circulation »
(has not been seen in a long time; does not get around to different places...)

Out Of Season »
(it is not the right time of the year to get that...)

Rome Was Not Built In One Day »
(all great works take time to finish...)

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day »
(a great work takes time to do...)

Save One's Breath »
(don't talk now; you are wasting your time by talking; nobody is listening to you...)

Sit Something Out »
(not participate; rest for now; one may join at a later time but not now...)

Sit Through Something »
(one stays seated during the whole time...)

Slow Going »
(it is taking a lot of time...)

Spread Oneself Too Thin »
(spend too much time in too many different places; not focus enough on one thing...)

Take A Break »
(rest; stop working for a period of time...)

Take A Load Off One's Feet »
(to sit down and rest after standing or walking for a long time...)

Take A Look For It »
(look for it; spend time trying to find it...)

Take A Rain Check On That »
(agree to do that thing at a future time; we will do it another time...)

Take A Vacation »
(not work for a period of time...)

Take Off From Work »
(spend time without working; not go to work for a period of time...)

The Big Moment »
(The time that you have been waiting for...)

Those Were The Days »
(things were good at that time; i have a good memory of those days...)

Until The Cows Come Home »
(for a very long time...)

Wasting Your Breath »
(wasting time talking because that person is not listening...)

When It Rains, It Pours »
(it hasn't happened for a long time, and then it happens all at once...)

When Least Expected »
(At the time when one is most surprised...)

With Each Passing Day »
(time goes by while it happens...)

Work One's Way Up »
(Improve one's position by increasing one's rank over time...)

Work Someone Or Something In »
(Find the time to include it...)

You Can't Please Everyone »
(It is not possible for one's actions to make everyone happy all of the time...)



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