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"Work" Idioms & Phrases with "Work"
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A Lick Of Work »
(a small amount of work...)

A Little Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone »
(it is good to work hard sometimes; one should not complain about working hard because it is a good thing...)

A Little Hard Work Never Killed Anyone »
(working hard does one good...)

All In A Day's Work »
(this is a natural part of ones job; what was done is not unusual for this type of work...)

All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy »
(a children's rhyme that says one is bored - and boring - if one only works; a person who only works becomes boring because doing fun things makes life interesting...)

Dirty Work »
(work which makes one dirty; actions which are bad...)

Get Down To Work »
(begin working; stop wasting time...)

Take Off From Work »
(spend time without working; not go to work for a period of time...)

Work One's Fingers To The Bone »
(Working so much that one is physically sore...)

Work One's Way Through College »
(when a student works to pay for college by oneself while attending college...)

Work One's Way Up »
(Improve one's position by increasing one's rank over time...)

Work Out »
(exercise physically; conclude...)

Work Out All Right »
(have a good conclusion...)

Work Out For The Best »
(It will have a good result; the result will be the best possible conclusion...)

Work Someone Or Something In »
(Find the time to include it...)

Work Someone Over »
(attack a person repeatedly...)

Work Something Off »
(Do work to pay for what was done...)

Work Something Out »
(Find a resolution to the problem...)

Work Through Channels »
(Communicate with the people who are responsible for it...)

Work Wonders With Someone Or Something »
(Make a big improvement...)

A Copycat »
(one who thoughtlessly copies the work of another; one who copies the work or actions of another...)

A Place To Call Your Own »
(a place to live or work where you are the owner...)

Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty »
(one does more work than is required...)

All In The Same Boat »
(facing the same challenges and needing to work together...)

An A For Effort »
(i see that you tried very hard; i respect your hard work...)

Burn The Midnight Oil »
(work lated at night...)

Call It A Day »
(end the day's work; finish working for the day...)

Child's Play »
(childish behavior; not serious work; acting childlike...)

Cutting Corners »
(spending less money and doing cheaper quality work...)

Do Something For A Living »
(the work you do to earn the money to pay your expenses...)

Doing All Right For Yourself »
(making money and succeeding at your work and in your life...)

Doing Your Bit »
(do your part of the work...)

Earn One's Keep »
(work to pay to for membership, i.e. in a home or at a job...)

Earning Your Keep »
(work to pay for your cost of living...)

Easier Said Than Done »
(talking about it is easier than doing it; to do the thing takes a lot of work; it is easier to talk about it than to actually do it...)

Fruits Of One's Labors »
(what one gets as a result of hard work...)

Get Credit For Something »
(be noticed for doing good work...)

Get Down To The Nitty Gritty »
(work on the small details of the project; think and talk about the many small details...)

Get Time Off »
(be allowed to not work for a period of time...)

If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them »
(since we cannot defeat them, let's work together with them...)

Join Forces With Me »
(become partners; work together; form a team...)

Labor Of Love »
(work which you do for love...)

Laying Down On The Job »
(acting lazy; not work when one should be working...)

Look Good On Paper »
(it seems like a good plan; we are not yet certain that the plan will work...)

Money Does Not Grow On Trees »
(earning money takes a lot of hard work...)

No Pain, No Gain »
(you must work hard if you want big results...)

On Call »
(available to work when called...)

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day »
(a great work takes time to do...)

Shirk One's Duty »
(not do the work that one should do...)

Take A Vacation »
(not work for a period of time...)

Take One's Break »
(take the regular rest period during work...)

Talk Is Cheap »
(it is easy to talk about doing things but it takes hard work to really do things...)

Talk Shop »
(talk about work with someone else who knows that work...)

The Daily Grind »
(the hard work that one does every day...)

What Makes Something Tick »
(How does it work?...)



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