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"It" Idioms & Phrases with "It"
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Call It Off »
(cancel it...)

Get Over It »
(recover from...)

It Takes Two To Tango »
(when two people have a conflict, both people are at fault...)

When It Rains, It Pours »
(it hasn't happened for a long time, and then it happens all at once...)

All Greek »
(I don't understand it at all...)

Cross Your Fingers »
(hoping it happens that way...)

In The Dark »
(you did not know about it...)

Its Anyone's Call »
(it is difficult to judge the outcome of a competition...)

Not A Chance »
(it will definitely not happen...)

Put Your Best Foot Forward »
(go ahead and give it your best try...)

The Ball Is In Your Court »
(it is your turn to do something...)

The Jury Is Out »
(it is still being decided...)

The Pros And Cons »
(the reasons for and against it; the good and bad aspects...)

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right »
(it is never right to do wrong to another person...)

Without A Doubt »
(it is certain...)



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