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"Call" Idioms & Phrases with "Call"
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A Place To Call Your Own »
(a place to live or work where you are the owner...)

Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty »
(one does more work than is required...)

At Someone's Beck And Call »
(responding to one's needs and requests...)

Beyond The Call Of Duty »
(more than is expected or required by a job...)

Call A Meeting »
(ask people to meet...)

Call A Spade A Spade »
(say clearly and directly that the thing is what it seems to be...)

Call For Someone Or Something »
(ask for that one to come...)

Call It A Day »
(end the day's work; finish working for the day...)

Call It A Night »
(go home and go to bed...)

Call It Off »
(cancel it...)

Call Of Nature »
(one needs to go to the bathroom...)

Call The Dogs Off »
(tell your people to stop attacking...)

Call The Meeting To Order »
(officially begin the meeting with everyone following the rules...)

Call The Roll »
(read out the names of people who should be present...)

Call The Shots »
(make the decisions for oneself and others...)

Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures »
(we need to take extreme actions here...)

Have A Close Call »
(something bad almost happened...)

Its Anyone's Call »
(it is difficult to judge the outcome of a competition...)

Let's Call It Quits »
(let's stop working; let us not try anymore; we should not continue our effort...)

On Call »
(available to work when called...)

Cheer Someone On »
(call to let them know you want them to win...)

Give Someone A Ring »
(call him or her on the telephone...)



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