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"First" Idioms & Phrases with "First"
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keyword: First
At First Glance »
(when one first looked at it...)

Cast The First Stone »
(be the first to attack in a fight...)

First And Foremost »
(the number one most important think that needs to be done...)

First And Ten »
(a fresh new opportunity to succeed...)

First Come, First Served »
(people will be helped in the order that they arrive; the first one to arrive will be served first, etc....)

First Of All »
(the first thing i want to tell you is.....)

First Off »
(the first thing to say is.....)

First Thing In The Morning »
(the first thing done on a new day...)

First Things First »
(the most important thing should always be done first...)

Get To First Base With Someone Or Something »
(kiss that person on the mouth...)

On A First Name Basis With Someone »
(familiar; two people address each other informally...)

The First Step Is Always The Hardest »
(Everything is easier once you have already started; getting started is the hardest part...)

A Blessing In Disguise »
(it seemed like a bad thing at first, but the result was surprisingly good; it appeared to be a bad thing but turned out to be a good thing...)

A Diamond In The Rough »
(a wonderful thing whose value is not seen easily at first look...)

A Hole In One »
(one is successful on the first try at something very difficult...)

All Over Again »
(it happened again, just like the first time...)

At The Crack Of Dawn »
(the moment in the morning when one first sees sunlight...)

Breaking The News »
(being the first to tell a news story...)

For Starters »
(the first thing i will say about this is...)

Icing On The Cake »
(a second great thing happens in addition to the first...)

Sleep On Something »
(first get a good night's sleep, then decide...)

Take A Nosedive »
(suddenly go down very quickly, like when a crashing airplane heads to the grown nose first...)

You Beat Me To The Punch »
(you were quicker; you got there first...)



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