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"Over" Idioms & Phrases with "Over"
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keyword: Over
A Hush Fell Over Someone Or Something »
(they became quiet...)

All Over »
(it is finished; there is no more of it...)

All Over Again »
(it happened again, just like the first time...)

All Over But The Shouting »
(the competition is over; it has been decided...)

All Worked Up Over Something »
(one let oneself be very bothered by that thing...)

Bend Over Backwards »
(inconvenience yourself to help another...)

Bending Over Backwards »
(make an extra effort; try extra hard to do it...)

Carry Something Over »
(continue something which was started in another place...)

Crying Over Spilled Milk »
(complaining about some past loss...)

Falling Head Over Heals In Love With You »
(feel strong love for one in a way that is overwhelming...)

Falling Head Over Heels »
(feel strong love in a way that is overwhelming...)

Fork Something Over »
(to give something that you don't want to give...)

Get Over It »
(recover from...)

Get Worked Up Over Something »
(get angry or upset about what happened...)

Go Over Big With Someone »
(they really liked it...)

Go Over Like A Lead Balloon »
(people did not like it; it was not popular; they hated it...)

Go Over Someone's Head »
(one did not understand it; it was too complicated...)

Go Over Something With A Fine Tooth Comb »
(look carefully to find something wrong with it...)

Hand It Over »
(give it to me now; give me that...)

Hash Something Over »
(talk and think about it together to understand it better)s...)

Head Over Heels »
(totally and uncontrollably in love...)

In Over Your Head »
(the situation is too difficult for you...)

Mull Something Over »
(think about it; consider it carefully...)

Over My Head »
(I don't understand it...)

Over The Hill »
(old; not young...)

Over The Hump »
(past the most difficult part...)

Over There »
(at that place...)

Over With »
(finished; done; no more...)

Start Over With A Clean Slate »
(forget about the past and begin again...)

Take Precedence Over Someone Or Something »
(be more important than...)

They Jumped All Over Me »
(attack that person continuously, usually with words; be very aggressive with one suddenly...)

Think Something Over »
(consider the different aspects of some problem...)

When Hell Freezes Over »
(it will never happen...)

Work Someone Over »
(attack a person repeatedly...)

Worked Up Over Something »
(get excited and upset...)

At The Mercy Of Someone »
(that person has power over one; that person will decide what happens to one...)

Get A Checkup »
(when a specialist checks over a body to see if it is okay...)

Get The Upper Hand On Someone »
(be in a position of strength over that person...)

Go Back To The Drawing Board »
(start over again...)

Work One's Way Up »
(Improve one's position by increasing one's rank over time...)



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