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"Up" Idioms & Phrases with "Up"
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A Toss-Up »
(the results have not been decided...)

All Balled Up »
(stuck or confused...)

All Dressed Up »
(dressed formally or very nicely...)

All Worked Up About Something »
(one let oneself be very bothered by that thing...)

All Worked Up Over Something »
(one let oneself be very bothered by that thing...)

Back Me Up »
(help me; give me your support...)

Balled Up »
(stuck together; confused; not able to move smoothly...)

Barking Up The Wrong Tree »
(look for it in the wrong place...)

Beat Him Up »
(punch and kick that person; hit that person's body...)

Bottoms Up »
(drink the whole glass...)

Bringing Up The Rear »
(the last one; in last place...)

Brushing Up On »
(review; practice...)

Buck Up »
(feel better; make another feel better...)

Building You Up »
(saying things to make you look good or feel good...)

Chalk Something Up To Something »
(say that that is why it happened...)

Charge Someone Or Something Up »
(give someone reason to get excited...)

Cheer Someone Up »
(do something to make a person feel better...)

Cheer Up »
(feel better...)

Choke Someone Up »
(makes one feel like one is going to cry...)

Choose Up Sides »
(decide which players will be on which team...)

Clam Up »
(one decides that one does not want to talk...)

Ease Up On Her »
(not push that one so hard...)

Everything's Coming Up Roses »
(things are turning out great...)

Fed Up To Here With It »
(tired of and angry about it...)

Feel Up To Something »
(feel strong, prepared, and have the energy to do it...)

Fix Someone Up With Someone Or Something »
(arrange for a person to have or do that thing...)

Follow Up On Something »
(check on something at a later time; make sure that it is being done...)

Foul Someone Or Something Up »
(make a mistake and ruin something...)

Foul Up »
(make a big error...)

Gang Up On Someone »
(a larger number of people attack a smaller number...)

Gas Up »
(put gasoline in the car; get fuel for a trip; slang: eat a lot of food...)

Gearing Myself Up For It »
(prepare yourself; get ready for it...)

Get All Dolled Up »
(a woman makes herself more pretty by putting on nice clothes or cosmetics...)

Get Mixed Up »
(become confused...)

Get Up And Go »
(energy; enthusiasm for physical activity...)

Get Up The Nerve To Do It »
(gain the confidence to do it...)

Get Worked Up Over Something »
(get angry or upset about what happened...)

Ham It Up »
(act funny; be silly; tell jokes; put on a show...)

Hands Up »
(raise your hands up above your head...)

I'm Jacked Up »
(lift that person up; make that person feel excited and full of energy; energize...)

It Burns You Up »
(it really angers you...)

Jack It Up »
(lift it up in the air; use a lever to raise that thing...)

Jazz It Up »
(make it more interesting and exciting; add something to make it more lively, colorful, fun...)

Laid Up »
(unable to move due to injury...)

Live It Up »
(have fun; enjoy yourself...)

Own Up To Something »
(admit responsibility for...)

Pick Up The Tab »
(pay for it...)

Save Up For Something »
(save money for the future...)

Shack Up With Someone »
(live together with that person...)

Shape Someone Up »
(make that one stronger and healthier...)

Shape Up »
(start doing what one should be doing...)

Shape Up Or Ship Out »
(either do what you should be doing, or leave...)

Show Someone Up »
(do better than that person in a place where others can see...)

Shut Someone Up »
(force that person to stop talking; stop one from making noise...)

Sit Up And Take Notice »
(became very interested and pay attention carefully...)

Sit Up With Someone »
(stay with that person at night when they cannot sleep...)

Size Someone Or Something Up »
(try to decide how good that one will be...)

Slip Up »
(make a mistake; err in a way that causes one to fall...)

Split Up »
(not together any more; separated...)

Step Right Up »
(come closer; you are next...)

Stick em Up »
(put your hands up in the air, I am going to take your money...)

Strike Up A Conversation »
(begin talking talking with each other socially...)

Striking Up A Friendship »
(become friendly with each other...)

Take Someone Up On Something »
(accept an offer that someone has made...)

The Stars Were All Lined Up »
(a number of things happened which were needed for the perfect result...)

They Ate It Up »
(really enjoy it; eat all of it; believe one's lie...)

Things Are Looking Up »
(the situation is getting better...)

Think Something Up »
(discover a new idea...)

Throw One's Hands Up In Despair »
(give up; decide that one cannot win...)

Tied Up »
(that person or thing is tied so that it cannot move or escape...)

Time Is Up »
(we must stop now...)

Turning Up Your Nose »
(rejecting others because they are not good enough...)

Up Against »
(competing with...)

Up To No Good »
(doing bad things...)

Well Up In Years »
(more polite way to say that someone is old...)

What Are You Up To? »
(what you have been doing; what are you doing lately...)

What Have You Been Up To? »
(Casual greeting to ask a person what they have been doing lately...)

What's Up»
(Casual greeting like 'hello', asking the other person about what they have been doing lately...)

Whip Something Up »
(create something quickly...)

Whoop It Up »
(get excited with a party-like feel...)

With Your Back Up Against The Wall »
(restrained from acting as you would like...)

Work One's Way Up »
(Improve one's position by increasing one's rank over time...)

Worked Up About Something »
(get excited and upset...)

Worked Up Over Something »
(get excited and upset...)

Wrap Something Up »
(Finish or complete a task...)

Wrapped Up In Someone Or Something »
(All of one's attention is on it...)

Write Someone Or Something Up »
(Make an official document of what happened or what someone did wrong...)

At Half Mast »
(it is placed only halfway up the post...)

At Wit's End »
(not able to come up with a solution...)

Burning The Midnight Oil »
(up late at night working hard...)

Check Into Something »
(study up and learn about something...)

Down For The Count »
(one is not able to continue, like a fighter who has fallen and cannot get up...)

Down With Some Disease »
(because of sickness one is unable to get up and go out...)

Early To Bed, Early To Rise, Makes A Man »
(waking up early is the key to becoming successful...)

Early To Bed, Early To Rise, Makes A Man Healthy, Wealthy, And Wise »
(this fun old rhyme reminds us that going to bed and waking up early leads to success...)

Float A Loan »
(put up an amount of money to be loaned...)

Free As A Bird »
(with a free and easy feeling; not locked up...)

From Dawn To Dusk »
(all day, from the moment the sun comes up until the moment it goes down...)

Get To One's Feet »
(stand up; rise to where one is standing up...)

He Bailed Out »
(to quit early; give up; abandon...)

In A Stupor »
(having trouble standing up and staying awake...)

In Storage »
(put away to be used at a future time; it is packed up and stored...)

Night Owl »
(one who stays up late; one who prefers the night hours...)

Off The Cuff »
(one just thought it up and said it; without preparation...)

Off The Top Of One's Head »
(one thinks it up quickly and easily; without help or preparation...)

Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire) »
(to get out of a bad situation and end up in one that is even worse...)

Say Uncle »
(quit; give up; say that you lost; admit that you are the loser...)

Stop At Nothing »
(not quit; not give up...)

Take A Powder »
(when one goes to a dressing room to put on her make-up...)

Take A Stand Against Someone Or Something »
(be unwilling to tolerate that some wrong is being done; stand up for or against...)

Throw In The Towel »
(quit the match; give up in a game; one does not have the strength to continue...)

Tied Down »
(something is tied so that it cannot go up...)



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