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A Game That Two Can Play »
(you will do to that person the wrong that they did to you...)

Before You Can Say Jack Robinson »
(very quickly; soon; very soon; quickly...)

Bite Off More Than One Can Chew »
(accept a responsibility which is too big...)

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew »
(taking on a challenge that is too big...)

Can I Get A Rain Check? »
(get a promise to do that thing at a future time...)

Can Take It To The Bank »
(you can trust, expect and rely on it...)

Can You Imagine? »
(it is amazing; it is difficult to believe; do you believe it?...)

No Can Do »
(it cannot be done...)

What Can I Say? »
(I have no comment right now...)

Why Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today »
(don't delay; do the things you need to do as soon as possible...)

You Can Bet On It »
(I guarantee that it will happen...)

You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But You Can't Make It Drink »
(you can show people how do do things, but people must help themselves...)

You Can Say That Again »
(I agree with you so much that I am willing to hear you say it again...)

A Bull In A China Shop »
(a clumsy person in a place where they can break something easily...)

A Standing Offer »
(an offer you can choose to take whenever you want it...)

A Tower Of Strength »
(a person whose is so strong that they can support and give strength to others...)

At Full Speed »
(as fast as one can go...)

At Stake »
(what can be gained or lost; this thing could be lost...)

Clear The Table »
(move dirty things off of the table so it can be clean and ready for use...)

Doing Your Level Best »
(try hard and do the best you can...)

Easy As Abc »
(it is very simple; you are confident that you can do it...)

Easy Come, Easy Go »
(something which we get easily can be lost easily also...)

Easy To Come By »
(something that can be found easily...)

Eat And Run »
(eat ones food and then leave right away, which can be considered rude...)

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining »
(even bad things can have a good result...)

Every Last One »
(all of them must be included; not even one of them can be forgotten...)

Expense Is No Object »
(do not worry about the cost; I can pay a lot of money for it...)

Fair Game »
(anyone can try to compete for it...)

Fair Weather Friend »
(a friend you can only trust in good times...)

Falling Flat On Your Face »
(fail completely, and everyone can see you fail...)

Filled To The Brim »
(so full that no more can be added without spilling...)

Flight Of Fancy »
(mistakenly believing that something impossible can be done...)

For The Record »
(so you can tell other people that I said this...)

Free For All »
(anyone can have it; a frantic situation where everyone is trying to get some...)

Get A Bright Idea »
(an idea which can be used to solve a problem...)

Give And Go »
(pass it, then run to where you can receive a pass...)

Have A Glass Jaw »
(can be stopped easily with one good punch to the jaw...)

Have Something Down Pat »
(you can do that thing perfectly; by memory; with no mistakes...)

If Worst Comes To Worst »
(if things turn out badly, here is what we can do...)

In Sight »
(it can be seen; we can see it...)

In The Open »
(not hidden; it can be seen...)

In The Public Eye »
(where everyone can see you; people you don't know may be watching...)

In The Spotlight »
(visible; where others can see one; others are watching...)

Jump At The Chance »
(take the opportunity to do it; quickly do it as soon as one can; one wants to do it...)

Like Sitting Ducks »
(targets that are easy to hit; we can get them easily...)

Live Within One's Means »
(only buy things that one can afford...)

See Red »
(become so angry that one can only feel the anger and is not able to think...)

Show Someone Up »
(do better than that person in a place where others can see...)

Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb »
(it is obvious and can be seen easily; it is difficult to hide...)

The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men »
(good plans can go bad...)

The Best Laid Schemes Of Mice And Men »
(good plans can go bad; big plans that people make and fill with hopes and dreams...)

The Bigger They Are (The Harder They Fall) »
(we can beat this larger opponent...)

There's No Place Like Home »
(home gives us a special feeling that nothing else can give us...)

When All Is Said And Done »
(After people are done talking and we can see the result...)

Within Shouting Distance »
(they can hear us when we shout; close enough that they can hear if we shout...)

Within Someone's Reach »
(you can reach it with your hands; it is close enough that one can get it...)

Within Walking Distance »
(you can walk there from here; it is close enough that you can walk there...)



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