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"Happened" Idioms & Phrases with "Happened"
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keyword: Happened
A Bitter Pill To Swallow »
(it is difficult to accept but necessary because of what happened...)

A Chip On Your Shoulder »
(angry because of what happened in the past...)

A Credit To Someone Or Something »
(it happened because of the good qualities of that person...)

A Crying Shame »
(it is very sad that it happened...)

A Dream Come True »
(a wonderful thing which one had wished for has really happened...)

A Feather In One's Cap »
(what happened makes one feel proud and look good to others...)

A Foregone Conclusion »
(one knew that it would happened even before it happened...)

A Miscarriage Of Justice »
(what happened was totally unfair...)

A Sign Of Things To Come »
(the thing that happened will happen more often in the future...)

A Stroke Of Luck »
(one lucky thing happened, which helped a lot...)

A Travesty Of Justice »
(what happened was terribly unfair; it is so unfair that we must doubt in our system...)

After The Fact »
(after the thing already happened...)

All Night Long »
(it happened during the entire evening; it did not stop happening during the night...)

All Of A Sudden »
(suddenly; it happened quickly and was not expected...)

All Over Again »
(it happened again, just like the first time...)

All's Well That Ends Well »
(the name of a play written by Shakespeare; as long as the ending is good, what happened before is good too...)

Be The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back »
(the last thing that happened after which one said "no more"...)

Behind Your Back »
(it happened without one knowing about it; they kept it a secret...)

Chalk Something Up To Something »
(say that that is why it happened...)

Escape Someone's Notice »
(one did not notice that it happened...)

Explain It Away »
(finding different reasons to explain why it happened...)

Extending Our Sympathy »
(telling you that we feel sad about what happened...)

Extenuating Circumstances »
(something unusual happened which changed the situation...)

Fill Someone In On Someone Or Something »
(tell one about it, let one know that it happened...)

For No Good Reason »
(there is no good reason to explain why it happened...)

Free And Clear »
(not guilty; not held responsible for what happened...)

Get A Taste Of One's Own Medicine »
(the bad thing one does to others has now happened to oneself...)

Get Down To The Facts »
(talk about what really happened; stop wasting time talking about opinions...)

Get The Facts Straight »
(one is clear about what has happened; one knows the information...)

Get The Worst Of Something »
(this one was effected most badly by what happened...)

Get To The Bottom Of Something »
(find out the truth about what has happened...)

Get Wind Of Something »
(learn that something has happened...)

Get Worked Up Over Something »
(get angry or upset about what happened...)

Have A Brush With Something »
(that thing almost happened...)

Have A Chip On One's Shoulder »
(one is upset about something that happened in the past...)

Have A Close Call »
(something bad almost happened...)

Implicate Someone In Something »
(say that person is involved in what happened...)

In A Split Second »
(it happened extremely quickly...)

In Retrospect »
(looking back on what happened...)

Jog My Memory »
(help that person to remember something; something happened which made one recall...)

Join The Club »
(the same thing happened to us, too...)

Just A Stone's Throw Away From Something »
(very near to it; it very nearly happened...)

Just As I Expected »
(I was correct; it happened as I expected it would happen...)

Never Been So Lucky »
(something very fortunate happened...)

No News Is Good News »
(if something bad happened, we would probably hear about it...)

Nose Out Of Joint »
(upset about what happened...)

Pass The Buck »
(blame what happened on someone else...)

Paying The Price »
(suffering for what was happened...)

Pin Something On Someone »
(blame one for what happened...)

Saving Grace »
(a good thing happened, even though bad things also happened...)

The Stars Were All Lined Up »
(a number of things happened which were needed for the perfect result...)

Under Someone's Very Nose »
(that person was nearby when it happened; that person did not stop it from happening...)

What One Doesn't Know Won't Hurt One »
(it would cause more trouble if that person knew what happened...)

What's Done Is Done »
(We must accept that it happened...)

When It Rains, It Pours »
(it hasn't happened for a long time, and then it happens all at once...)

Without Rhyme Or Reason »
(There was no good or logical reason for what was done; there was no good reason why it happened...)

Write Someone Or Something Up »
(Make an official document of what happened or what someone did wrong...)

Years Running »
(the same thing has happened for consecutive years) non-stop...)

You Scared The Pants Off Of Me »
(I was not prepared for what happened and it frightened me...)



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