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keyword: For
A Mecca For Someone »
(the place you dream of going...)

A Thirst For Something »
(you really want that; you want a lot of that...)

Acquire A Taste For Something »
(begin to enjoy the taste of a food; begin to like doing something...)

All For Something »
(one agrees with that and wants it to happen...)

All For The Best »
(the result will be good...)

An A For Effort »
(i see that you tried very hard; i respect your hard work...)

An Affinity For Someone Or Something »
(you like that thing; you do it well...)

Arguing For The Sake Of Argument »
(the person does not have a reason to disagree; the person is being disagreeable...)

Bargain For Something »
(expect that it would happen; plan for it; be prepared for it...)

Be Curtains For Someone Or Something »
(that thing is finished; that one will lose...)

Call For Someone Or Something »
(ask for that one to come...)

Can't Wait For Something To Happen »
(eager for it to happen...)

Cast About For Someone Or Something »
(try to find away to learn or get something...)

Do Something For A Living »
(the work you do to earn the money to pay your expenses...)

Doing All Right For Yourself »
(making money and succeeding at your work and in your life...)

Down For The Count »
(one is not able to continue, like a fighter who has fallen and cannot get up...)

Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures »
(we need to take extreme actions here...)

Falling For You »
(falling in love; having strong feelings of love...)

Fend For Oneself »
(fight to protect oneself and take care of one's own needs...)

Fish For A Compliment »
(try to get another person to say something good about you...)

Fish For Something »
(trying to discover something...)

Fit For A King »
(great, excellent, luxurious...)

Food For Thought »
(something which is interesting to think about...)

For A Lark »
(not for any good reason; just or fun...)

For All I Care »
(i do not care whether you do that or not...)

For All I Know »
(i do not know, but it is possible...)

For All It's Worth »
(though it may or may not be important to you...)

For Better Or For Worse »
(said when two people marry, their commitment to stay together in good times and bad times...)

For Chicken Feed »
(for almost no money...)

For Crying Out Loud »
(that thing should be obvious...)

For Days On End »
(doing it for a number of days without stopping...)

For Free »
(it does not require any money...)

For Good »

For Good Measure »
(to add to what was already done...)

For Hours On End »
(for many consecutive hours...)

For Instance »
(for example; give an example...)

For Keeps »
(you are allowed to keep it...)

For Kicks »
(that stupid action was is done because one thinks it is funny...)

For Life »
(for the length of one's life...)

For No Good Reason »
(there is no good reason to explain why it happened...)

For Safekeeping »
(so it does not get lost or stolen...)

For Sale »
(I am selling...)

For Starters »
(the first thing i will say about this is...)

For Sure »
(it is certain; it is definitely true...)

For The Duration »
(during the time while it is happening...)

For The Heck Of It »
(less rude way to say: for no reason; not for any good reason...)

For The Hell Of It »
(overly casual: for no reason; not for any good reason...)

For The Moment »
(this is the plan for now, but it may change...)

For The Record »
(so you can tell other people that I said this...)

For The Time Being »
(it will happen this way until something changes...)

For Whatever It's Worth »
(I am saying this even though you might not understand my meaning...)

Fork Money Out For Something »
(to pay for something when you don't want to pay...)

Free For All »
(anyone can have it; a frantic situation where everyone is trying to get some...)

Gearing Myself Up For It »
(prepare yourself; get ready for it...)

Get A Feel For Something »
(beginning to feel comfortable with it...)

Get A Reputation For Doing Something »
(people say that one often does that; one is known for doing that...)

Get Credit For Something »
(be noticed for doing good work...)

Get Time Off For Good Behavior »
(one's jail time has been shortened because one was good while in jail...)

Go For Broke »
(take a chance; try your best...)

Go For It »
(do your best; try your best; good luck...)

Go For Someone Or Something »
(try to get that thing...)

He Layed Down This Life For Her »
(one is killed while while helping another...)

I'd Give My Right Arm For That »
(I really want that...)

In The Market For That »
(looking to buy that thing...)

Jockeying For Position »
(trying to get ahead of each other...)

Loaded For Bear »
(ready for a big fight...)

Look High And Low For Someone Or Something »
(try to find it in many places...)

Looking For Trouble »
(doing something that will cause problems...)

One For The Road »
(one more, then I am leaving...)

Out Of Consideration For Someone Or Something »
(one is not being considered for that...)

Par For The Course »
(that naturally happens while doing that; it is natural...)

Save Something For A Rainy Day »
(don't act on it now; it will be useful in the future...)

Save Up For Something »
(save money for the future...)

Sight For Sore Eyes »
(i am happy to see you; seeing you makes one feel better...)

Sit In For Someone »
(take the place of that person...)

Slated For Something »
(planned for that; that is the plan...)

Spring For Something »
(pay for it; pay it's cost...)

Take A Look For It »
(look for it; spend time trying to find it...)

Take A Turn For The Better »
(the situation has recently gotten better...)

Take A Turn For The Worse »
(the situation has recently gotten worse...)

Take Someone For A Fool »
(believe that person is foolish or stupid...)

There's No Accounting For Taste »
(The differences in peoples tastes are not easily understood...)

Think Someone Or Something Fit For Something »
(believe that one is good enough to do the job...)

Thirsty For Something »
(one really wants that...)

What For »
(Why? What is the reason for it?...)

Word For Word »
(Write something down exactly the same...)

Work Out For The Best »
(It will have a good result; the result will be the best possible conclusion...)

You're In The Mood For It »
(you feel like having it; you want it...)

A Dream Come True »
(a wonderful thing which one had wished for has really happened...)

A Final Fling »
(the last time two people get together for romance...)

A Leading Question »
(a question asked when one is looking for a certain answer...)

A Lost Cause »
(one will lose; it is impossible for that one to succeed; one has no chance to win; one should expect to lose; it will surely fail...)

A Pipe Dream »
(it is wished for but it will probably never happen...)

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss »
(a person who keeps moving does not get stuck; life stays interesting for people who keep moving...)

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder »
(the time spent apart makes you care for a person even more...)

All In A Day's Work »
(this is a natural part of ones job; what was done is not unusual for this type of work...)

All In The Family »
(only for members of our family...)

At Hand »
(nearby; one is able to reach for it...)

At The Present Time »
(now; right now; for now...)

Awol »
(a military term for Absence Without Leave; that person left but did not have permission to leave...)

Back In Circulation »
(one is seen again after being gone for a long time...)

Back Order Them »
(order a product and wait for it to arrive before giving to customer...)

Barking Up The Wrong Tree »
(look for it in the wrong place...)

Batten Down The Hatches »
(prepare for a big storm...)

Bear With Someone »
(be patient with me; wait for me...)

Beggars Can't Be Choosers »
(be thankful for what you get when you get something for free...)

Bending Your Ear »
(talk to you for a long time; forcing you to listen...)

Bringing Home The Bacon »
(earning money and taking it home for the family...)

Burning The Candle At Both Ends »
(working for many hours without getting enough rest...)

Call It A Day »
(end the day's work; finish working for the day...)

Call The Shots »
(make the decisions for oneself and others...)

Catch Hell »
(get in trouble for it; get yelled at...)

Catch One's Breath »
(rest for a moment; stop to let one's breathing slow...)

Chance Upon Someone Or Something »
(discover something by accident; find something without looking for it...)

Clear The Table »
(move dirty things off of the table so it can be clean and ready for use...)

Crying Wolf »
(calling for help when you don't really need help...)

Do A Flip Flop On Something »
(decide for something, then decide against it; change one's position irresponsibly...)

Do Someone A Kindness »
(do a nice thing for that person...)

Earn One's Keep »
(work to pay to for membership, i.e. in a home or at a job...)

Earning Your Keep »
(work to pay for your cost of living...)

Eat One's Cake And Have It Too »
(an impossible wish; one wants to use something but still have the thing available for use...)

Expense Is No Object »
(do not worry about the cost; I can pay a lot of money for it...)

Extend Someone Credit »
(allow a customer to pay at a future time for goods given now; lend someone money to be paid back later...)

Extending Credit »
(allow a customer to pay at a future time for goods given now; lend someone money to be paid back later...)

Facing The Music »
(receiving a punishment for what one has done...)

Fair Game »
(anyone can try to compete for it...)

Falling Head Over Heals In Love With You »
(feel strong love for one in a way that is overwhelming...)

Falling In Love With You »
(beginning to have feelings of love for you...)

Feel Someone Out »
(ask questions to get a feeling for what that person is thinking...)

Fit In Someone »
(find a time or a place for that one...)

Fit Someone To A T »
(that suits you; that size and look is perfect for you...)

Fit The Bill »
(it is what you are looking for; it is what you wanted...)

Fix Someone Up With Someone Or Something »
(arrange for a person to have or do that thing...)

Fix Someone's Wagon »
(do something to cause a problem for that person; get revenge...)

Foot The Bill »
(pay for it...)

Forgive And Forget »
(forgive a person for what they have done, and not continue to be angry...)

Free And Clear »
(not guilty; not held responsible for what happened...)

Gas Up »
(put gasoline in the car; get fuel for a trip; slang: eat a lot of food...)

Get A Lot Of Mileage Out Of Something »
(able to use it for a long time; a car or other thing which lasts a long time...)

Get A Raw Deal »
(one was cheated; the agreement turned out bad for one...)

Get A Thing About Someone Or Something »
(become interested in that person for some reason...)

Get Another Think Coming »
(what will happen is not what you are expecting; the result is not going to be good for you...)

Get Around To Something »
(you finally take the time for that thing...)

Get Back Into Circulation »
(begin to go out and see others after not having gone out for some time...)

Get On The Good Side Of Someone »
(that person likes you and will do nice things for you...)

Get Time Off »
(be allowed to not work for a period of time...)

Get Up And Go »
(energy; enthusiasm for physical activity...)

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due »
(recognize the person who is responsible for the success...)

Give Someone A Slap On The Wrist »
(give that person a mild punishment for what they did wrong...)

Go On A Binge »
(do too much of something for a long time...)

Go On A Fishing Expedition »
(one is looking for something; trying to find something that one is looking for...)

Go The Distance »
(last for the entire match without quitting or being knocked out...)

Hat In Hand »
(asking for help; begging...)

In Over Your Head »
(the situation is too difficult for you...)

In Season »
(the time of the year for that thing...)

In The Near Future »
(very soon; it will happen soon; the time for it will be soon...)

In The Short Run »
(soon; for now; for a short period of time...)

Incumbent Upon Someone To Do Something »
(one thing must happen in order for the other thing to happen...)

Just Because »
(it is that way and there is no deeper reason for it...)

Keep Him At Arm's Length »
(don't let him get to close; keep him at a safe distance; watch out for that person...)

Labor Of Love »
(work which you do for love...)

Line One's Own Pockets »
(keep the money for oneself...)

Look Forward To Something »
(be eager for it...)

Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth »
(questioning the value of something you have received for free...)

Method To My Madness »
(what appears to by crazy action is actually done for a good reason...)

Off Season »
(this is not the official time of the year for that...)

On A Lark »
(unplanned; just for fun; not for any reason; the decision was made quickly and casually...)

On Credit »
(paid for by borrowing money; one buys the thing now and will pay later...)

On Duty »
(one is responsible for it because one is working...)

On Order »
(it has been ordered and we are waiting for it...)

On Sale »
(being sold for a special, low price...)

On Someone's Account »
(for that person; to help that person...)

On Someone's Behalf »
(acting for another person; representing that person...)

Out Of Place »
(saying or doing what is not okay for that place...)

Out Of Practice »
(one has not done that for a while...)

Own Up To Something »
(admit responsibility for...)

Pardon My French »
(I am sorry for swearing; excuse me for using bad words...)

Paying The Price »
(suffering for what was happened...)

Pick Up The Tab »
(pay for it...)

Pin Something On Someone »
(blame one for what happened...)

Pride Oneself On Something »
(be proud of oneself for that thing...)

Second Nature »
(something which is very natural for you to do...)

Second Nature To Someone »
(it feels natural and easy for that person to do...)

Share Someone's Pain »
(feel care and understanding for another person who is in pain...)

She Balled Me Out »
(yell at a person for making a mistake...)

Since Time Immemorial »
(it has always been this way; it has been that way for a long, long time...)

Sit Something Out »
(not participate; rest for now; one may join at a later time but not now...)

Squirrel Something Away »
(save for the future...)

Take A Break »
(rest; stop working for a period of time...)

Take A Gander At Someone Or Something »
(look at that and be prepared for something interesting...)

Take A Load Off One's Feet »
(to sit down and rest after standing or walking for a long time...)

Take A Stand Against Someone Or Something »
(be unwilling to tolerate that some wrong is being done; stand up for or against...)

Take A Vacation »
(not work for a period of time...)

Take A Walk »
(walk somewhere, usually for pleasure or relaxation...)

Take Advantage Of Someone Or Something »
(use ones knowledge or connection for selfish gain...)

Take Care Of Someone Or Something »
(handle that matter; help and care for that person...)

Take Five »
(rest for five minutes; take a five minute break...)

Take Off From Work »
(spend time without working; not go to work for a period of time...)

Take One's Medicine »
(you don't like to do it, but it is necessary because it is good for you...)

Take Pity On Someone Or Something »
(feel badly for another person's trouble...)

Take Someone Or Something At Face Value »
(expect from that thing only what it is actually worth; don't hope for more; it is what it appears to be...)

The Big Moment »
(The time that you have been waiting for...)

The Ends Justify The Means »
(our actions are called for by this situation...)

The Pros And Cons »
(the reasons for and against it; the good and bad aspects...)

The Stars Were All Lined Up »
(a number of things happened which were needed for the perfect result...)

Think Little Of Someone Or Something »
(not have a lot of respect for...)

Thumb A Ride »
(hitchhike; ask strangers for a car ride; put one's thumb in the air to ask others to drive one somewhere...)

Until The Cows Come Home »
(for a very long time...)

When It Rains, It Pours »
(it hasn't happened for a long time, and then it happens all at once...)

Window Shopping »
(Visiting stores and seeing what is for sale but not planning to buy anything...)

With Hat In Hand »
(the person came begging for help...)

Without Any Strings Attached »
(one is not expecting any "payment" for doing it...)

Without Rhyme Or Reason »
(There was no good or logical reason for what was done; there was no good reason why it happened...)

Woe Is Me »
(Often said to make fun of someone who is feeling sorry for himself...)

Work One's Way Through College »
(when a student works to pay for college by oneself while attending college...)

Work Something Off »
(Do work to pay for what was done...)

Work Through Channels »
(Communicate with the people who are responsible for it...)

Year In, Year Out »
(It happens repeatedly for many years...)

Years Running »
(the same thing has happened for consecutive years) non-stop...)

You Can't Please Everyone »
(It is not possible for one's actions to make everyone happy all of the time...)

You Got Me There »
(I have to give you credit for discovering my error; I cannot disagree with what you have said...)

You Scared The Pants Off Of Me »
(I was not prepared for what happened and it frightened me...)



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