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keyword: Of
A Bed Of Roses »
(a situation that feels comfortable and easy...)

A Boost Of Confidence »
(it makes you feel more confident...)

A Breath Of Fresh Air »
(refreshing; it makes you feel better; a change that feels good...)

A Bundle Of Nerves »
(very nervous; very nervous or frightened...)

A Case Of Mistaken Identity »
(an innocent person was believed to be guilty...)

A Change Of Pace »
(doing it differently from the way it was done before...)

A Change Of Scenery »
(moving to a new location...)

A Couple Of »
(two things which have a similarity and go together...)

A Den Of Iniquity »
(a place where wrong and dirty things happen...)

A Devil Of A Job »
(a job that is tricky and difficult...)

A Dose Of One's Own Medicine »
(the bad thing one does to others happens to oneself...)

A Fan Of His »
(one who likes and supports that person...)

A Few Cards Short Of A Deck »
(something is lacking in that person; the person is being described as crazy or stupid...)

A Few Cards Shy Of A Full Deck »
(something is lacking in that person; the person is being described as crazy or stupid...)

A Ghost Of A Chance »
(at least some chance of winning...)

A Gold Mine Of Information »
(very valuable because they have many answers to important questions...)

A Grain Of Truth »
(something is at least partly true...)

A Harbinger Of Things To Come »
(it shows us what will happen in the future...)

A Hive Of Activity »
(a place where people are busy and working hard...)

A Horse Of A Different Color »
(one who does things differently from others...)

A Horse Of Another Color »
(one who does things differently from others...)

A Jack Of All Trades »
(one who has many different skills...)

A Kind Of A Something »
(it is like that thing; it fits into the same category as that thing...)

A Labor Of Love »
(you do it because you love it...)

A Lick Of Work »
(a small amount of work...)

A Matter Of Life And Death »
(if this does not happen, some may die...)

A Matter Of Opinion »
(peoples beliefs about this differ...)

A Meeting Of Minds »
(when more than people connect well intellectually...)

A Mine Of Information »
(a place where a lot of information is found...)

A Miscarriage Of Justice »
(what happened was totally unfair...)

A Number Of Things Or People »
(more than one...)

A Pack Of Lies »
(a number of statements which are all untrue...)

A Piece Of Cake »
(easy to do...)

A Piece Of The Action »
(wanting to participate...)

A Pillar Of Strength »
(very strong and independent...)

A Pillar Of Support »
(a person who is strong and gives others strength...)

A Portent Of Things To Come »
(a demonstration of what will happen in the future...)

A Pretty State Of Affairs »
(a cynical way to say that the situation has gotten bad...)

A Ripple Of Excitement »
(a feeling of excitement moving in one or from one person to another...)

A Rule Of Thumb »
(a general rule which is good to follow...)

A Sense Of Urgency »
(a feeling that you must hurry...)

A Show Of Hands »
(each person who supports this will raise his hand...)

A Sign Of Things To Come »
(the thing that happened will happen more often in the future...)

A Slip Of The Tongue »
(it was said accidentally...)

A Stroke Of Luck »
(one lucky thing happened, which helped a lot...)

A Taste Of Something »
(a try of something to see how one likes it...)

A Taste Of Things To Come »
(some knowledge of what the future will be like...)

A Taste Of Your Own Medicine »
(a lesson where other people treat you the same way you treat them in order to teach you that you are acting badly...)

A Tower Of Strength »
(a person whose is so strong that they can support and give strength to others...)

A Travesty Of Justice »
(what happened was terribly unfair; it is so unfair that we must doubt in our system...)

A Vote Of Confidence »
(an action to let one know that we are confident in one's skills...)

A Wealth Of Something »
(there is a lot of it...)

Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty »
(one does more work than is required...)

Acknowledge Receipt Of It »
(make a record to confirm that one received it...)

Afraid Of One's Own Shadow »
(fearful and easily frightened...)

Ahead Of One's Time »
(ones ideas are advanced; one's ideas might not be understood until a future time...)

Ahead Of Schedule »
(more has been done than was expected by this time...)

Ahead Of The Game »
(things are going very well...)

Ahead Of Time »
(before it begins...)

All Of A Sudden »
(suddenly; it happened quickly and was not expected...)

All Walks Of Life »
(people from all different places with different jobs and lifestyles...)

An Act Of Faith »
(one does it because one believes in God or has confidence in another person...)

An Act Of God »
(an accident caused by nature, such as bad weather; not because of what people did...)

Appear Out Of Nowhere »
(we did not see them arriving...)

Arguing For The Sake Of Argument »
(the person does not have a reason to disagree; the person is being disagreeable...)

At The Crack Of Dawn »
(the moment in the morning when one first sees sunlight...)

At The End Of One's Rope »
(one cannot be patient any longer; one is ready to become very angry...)

At The Mercy Of Someone »
(that person has power over one; that person will decide what happens to one...)

Bag Of Tricks »
(ability to do many special things...)

Ball Of Fire »
(very energetic and lively...)

Baptism Of Fire »
(learning from a difficult beginning...)

Be The Spitting Image Of Someone »
(the one looks exactly like the other...)

Beginning Of The End »
(things will get worse...)

Beyond The Call Of Duty »
(more than is expected or required by a job...)

Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt »
(definitely true; certain...)

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together »
(people like to spend time with others who are similar...)

By Word Of Mouth »
(by hearing it from others...)

Call Of Nature »
(one needs to go to the bathroom...)

Can't Make Heads Or Tails Out Of Someone Or Something »
(do not understand it at all; it does not make sense to one...)

Can't Stand The Sight Of Someone Or Something »
(dislike that person strongly...)

Capable Of Doing Something »
(able to do it; strong enough; willing to do a hurtful act...)

Catch A Whiff Of Something »
(suspect something; get an idea...)

Catch One's Death Of Cold »
(one is afraid that one will become very sick with a cold...)

Chicken Out Of Something »
(become afraid and decide to not do it...)

Clean Out Of Something »
(don't have any more of that thing...)

Coming Of Age »
(you are old enough to do it...)

Die Of A Broken Heart »
(one's grief at not being with a loved one causes that person to do...)

Eat Out Of Someone's Hands »
(that one will follow your requests and do what you wish...)

Feel Out Of Place »
(feel strange, awkward, unfamiliar, like you don't know the rules...)

Feeling On Top Of The World »
(feeling great, like a winner...)

First Of All »
(the first thing i want to tell you is.....)

Flight Of Fancy »
(mistakenly believing that something impossible can be done...)

Flirt With The Idea Of Doing Something »
(consider the possibility of doing it...)

Fly In The Face Of Someone Or Something »
(goes against what is known...)

Fond Of Someone Or Something »
(you like them...)

For The Heck Of It »
(less rude way to say: for no reason; not for any good reason...)

For The Hell Of It »
(overly casual: for no reason; not for any good reason...)

Force Someone Out Of Office »
(a person is pressured to quit or leave an elected position...)

Fresh Out Of Something »
(we have no more of it; there is none left...)

From The Bottom Of One's Heart »
(one feels the emotion very deeply and truthfully...)

Fruits Of One's Labors »
(what one gets as a result of hard work...)

Full Of Beans »
(not truthful; dishonest...)

Full Of Bull »
(telling lies; saying meaningless things...)

Full Of Hot Air »
(speaking a lot of angry words; saying things that are not true...)

Full Of It »
(this person says things which are not true; a liar...)

Full Of Oneself »
(overconfident; caring only about oneself...)

Full Of The Devil »
(being playfully bad; acting mischievously...)

Get A Clean Bill Of Health »
(a doctor or specialist says that the body has no problems...)

Get A Grasp Of Something »
(hold something in one's hand; begin to understand that thing more clearly...)

Get A Kick Out Of Someone Or Something »
(that thing makes one laugh...)

Get A Load Of Someone Or Something »
(take a look at that...)

Get A Lot Of Mileage Out Of Something »
(able to use it for a long time; a car or other thing which lasts a long time...)

Get A Rise Out Of Someone »
(succeed in bothering that person...)

Get A Taste Of One's Own Medicine »
(the bad thing one does to others has now happened to oneself...)

Get A Whiff Of Something »
(smell it; have an idea that it is happening...)

Get Ahead Of Oneself »
(thinking about future things instead of what you are doing now...)

Get An Eyeful Of Someone Or Something »
(take a look at that...)

Get At The Heart Of The Matter »
(do or talk about the thing that is most important...)

Get Into The Swing Of Things »
(feel comfortable participating in what is going on...)

Get On The Good Side Of Someone »
(that person likes you and will do nice things for you...)

Get Something Out Of One's System »
(do something that you feel the need to do; say something in order to feel better...)

Get The Drift Of Something »
(you understand the general idea...)

Get The Feel Of Something »
(feel comfortable doing something...)

Get The Shock Of One's Life »
(one was surprised in the most extreme possible way...)

Get The Short End Of The Stick »
(be the one who gets a bad deal or a worse deal than the others...)

Get The Worst Of Something »
(this one was effected most badly by what happened...)

Get To The Bottom Of Something »
(find out the truth about what has happened...)

Get To The Root Of The Problem »
(discover the cause of the problem...)

Get Wind Of Something »
(learn that something has happened...)

Go Out Of Fashion »
(no longer popular; not fashionable anymore...)

Got A Bang Out Of It »
(I really enjoyed it; it was fun and exciting and gave me pleasure...)

Got A Charge Out Of It »
(that thing made one laugh; it made one very happy...)

Have A Change Of Heart »
(one's feelings about doing something have changed...)

Have A Good Command Of Something »
(be able to do or use it well...)

If You Can't Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen »
(if you want to be responsible then you must face difficulties...)

In A Constant State Of Flux »
(it keeps changing...)

In A World Of One's Own »
(that person is not connected to others; not relating to the people nearby...)

In Awe Of Him »
(that thing amazes you; one finds it awesome; one feels totally alive and awake watching that...)

In Defiance Of Someone Or Something »
(doing it against that one; doing it even though that one said "don't do it"....)

In The Heat Of The Moment »
(overwhelmed bythe experience of that moment...)

In The Middle Of Nowhere »
(a place that is far from anything important to you...)

Labor Of Love »
(work which you do for love...)

Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag »
(sharing a secret...)

Live Out Of A Suitcase »
(not have one's own place to store one's things; be homeless...)

Money Is The Root Of All Evil »
(wanting more money causes people do very bad things...)

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention »
(you find a way to do what you need to do...)

Next Of Kin »
(one's closest relative; related by blood; one's child...)

Nose Out Of Joint »
(upset about what happened...)

Not Able To Make Anything Out Of Someone Or »
(don't understand it at all...)

Not Your Cup Of Tea »
(not something you like; you don't prefer that...)

Of The Old School »
(done in old way; done the way people used to do it...)

Off The Top Of One's Head »
(one thinks it up quickly and easily; without help or preparation...)

Out Of A Clear Blue Sky »
(it was sudden and unexpected...)

Out Of All Proportion »
(it seemed more important than it was...)

Out Of Bounds »
(one is not allowed to do that or go there...)

Out Of Breath »
(so tired that one is breathing heavily...)

Out Of Character »
(that person does not usually do things like that...)

Out Of Circulation »
(has not been seen in a long time; does not get around to different places...)

Out Of Commission »
(not working; not functioning; broken...)

Out Of Consideration For Someone Or Something »
(one is not being considered for that...)

Out Of Date »
(old; cannot be used any more; expired...)

Out Of Earshot »
(they cannot hear us because they are far away...)

Out Of Fashion »
(people do not do that or wear that any more...)

Out Of Favor With Someone »
(no longer popular...)

Out Of Gas »
(tired; lacking energy...)

Out Of Hand »
(not under control; crazy; fun...)

Out Of It »
(unaware; not aware; not knowing what one is doing...)

Out Of Line »
(not standing in line; not correct; not doing the right thing...)

Out Of Luck »
(it did not happen as one wanted...)

Out Of Necessity »
(it needed to be done; it was done because it was necessary...)

Out Of One's Element »
(one is not familiar nor comfortable...)

Out Of One's Way »
(not something one had planned to do; one did it to help another...)

Out Of Order »
(not doing things in the right way...)

Out Of Place »
(saying or doing what is not okay for that place...)

Out Of Pocket Expenses »
(one has to pay with one's own money...)

Out Of Practice »
(one has not done that for a while...)

Out Of Print »
(that book or magazine is no longer being published...)

Out Of Reach »
(one cannot reach it with ones hands; one cannot get it...)

Out Of Season »
(it is not the right time of the year to get that...)

Out Of Service »
(it it not working right now; it is broken...)

Out Of Shape »
(weak or fat; one's body is not strong and fit...)

Out Of Sight »
(one cannot see it; slang from the '60s: cool, interesting...)

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind »
(one does not think about what one does not see...)

Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire) »
(to get out of a bad situation and end up in one that is even worse...)

Out Of Your Element »
(in an uncomfortable situation...)

Piece Of Cake »
(easy to do...)

Possession Is Nine Tenths Of The Law »
(holding the thing implies ownership of that thing by law...)

School Of Thought »
(one way of thinking...)

Set Someone Back Some Amount Of Money »
(one had to pay that amount of money; it cost that much...)

She Spoke Highly Of You »
(that person said good things about you...)

Sick And Tired Of Someone Or Something »
(one wishes that thing would stop; one does not want it to happen any more...)

Sitting On Top Of The World »
(one is feeling great; one is feeling like one's life is going great...)

Six Of One And Half A Dozen Of The Other »
(either way, it is the same; both possibilites are equal; two ways of saying the same thing...)

Six Of One, A Half Dozen Of The Other »
(they are the same thing...)

Steer Clear Of Someone Or Something »
(avoid that person...)

Take Advantage Of Someone Or Something »
(use ones knowledge or connection for selfish gain...)

Take Care Of Someone Or Something »
(handle that matter; help and care for that person...)

Take Charge Of Someone Or Something »
(become the leader or responsible one in that situation...)

Take Leave Of One's Senses »
(not act rationally; not act like oneself; lose control...)

The Apple Of Your Eye »
(the one you love the most...)

The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men »
(good plans can go bad...)

The Best Laid Schemes Of Mice And Men »
(good plans can go bad; big plans that people make and fill with hopes and dreams...)

The Best Of Both Worlds »
(to get the best of both choices...)

The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence »
(we tend to want things that belong to other people...)

The Nuts And Bolts Of Something »
(the details of how the thing works...)

Think A Great Deal Of Someone Or Something »
(have a very good opinion of...)

Think A Lot Of Someone Or Something »
(have a very good opinion of...)

Think Better Of Something »
(have a better feeling towards...)

Think Highly Of Someone Or Something »
(you think there is a lot of good in that person...)

Think Little Of Someone Or Something »
(not have a lot of respect for...)

Think Nothing Of Someone Or Something »
(not respect that person; think that person is no good...)

Think The World Of Someone Or Something »
(think that one is one of the most important in the world...)

Weasel Out Of Something »
(find a sneaky way to not do something...)

Wee Hours Of The Night »
(very late at night, close to morning...)

What's The Good Of Something? »
(There seems to be no reason to do that...)

Wide Of The Mark »

Will Not Hear Of Something »
(The answer is 'No' and one will not even consider the possibility of 'Yes'...)

Within A Stone's Throw Of Something »
(Close enough that you could throw a stone and hit it...)

Within An Inch Of One's Life »
(Almost to death...)

Word Of Mouth »
(news that travels from person to person...)

Wouldn't Dream Of Doing Something »
(I would never do that...)

Yield The Right Of Way »
(Stop or slow and wait while another crosses or moves ahead...)

You Scared Me Out Of My Wits »
(what you did frightened me so that I could not think clearly...)

You Scared The Crap Out Of Me »
(rude speech, crass: you frightened me...)

You Scared The Hell Out Of Me »
(What you did scared me and I still get a bit upset when I remember it; what you did frightened me very suddenly...)

You Scared The Pants Off Of Me »
(I was not prepared for what happened and it frightened me...)

A Bitter Pill To Swallow »
(it is difficult to accept but necessary because of what happened...)

A Chip On Your Shoulder »
(angry because of what happened in the past...)

A Cold Fish »
(someone who gives the feeling of cold and deadness...)

A Copycat »
(one who thoughtlessly copies the work of another; one who copies the work or actions of another...)

A Credit To Someone Or Something »
(it happened because of the good qualities of that person...)

A Far Away Look »
(a look in ones eyes when one is not focused on the present moment; the way a person looks when they are thinking of other times or places...)

A Far Off Look »
(an expression that a person has when they are not aware of what is going on around them...)

A Gas »
(a really fun time with lots of laughing...)

A Mecca For Someone »
(the place you dream of going...)

A Mixed Bag »
(there are lots of different things in it...)

A Play By Play Description »
(description of a game done as a narration of what is happening...)

A Shotgun Wedding »
(a wedding where one of the two is being forced to get married...)

A Slave To Something »
(one spends all of one's time and effort on that thing...)

A Struggle To The Death »
(one spends all of one's life energy on a fight, and dies...)

A Thirst For Something »
(you really want that; you want a lot of that...)

A Thumbnail Sketch »
(a small drawing or illustration of what it is like...)

Acquire A Taste For Something »
(begin to enjoy the taste of a food; begin to like doing something...)

After All Is Said And Done »
(when things are calmer; after some time passes and all of this activity is finished...)

Air One's Dirty Linen In Public »
(talk about private matters in front of other people...)

All Day Long »
(during the length of the entire day...)

All In A Day's Work »
(this is a natural part of ones job; what was done is not unusual for this type of work...)

All In The Family »
(only for members of our family...)

All Out War »
(the two sides are attacking each other with all of their power...)

All Over »
(it is finished; there is no more of it...)

All Year Round »
(it happens during all of the months of the year...)

All's Well That Ends Well »
(the name of a play written by Shakespeare; as long as the ending is good, what happened before is good too...)

Almost Lost It »
(almost lost control of one's thoughts, one's feelings, or one's body; almost started laughing; almost vomited...)

An Aching Heart »
(one feels the pain of loss or want; one is pained by losing or wanting something...)

An All Out Effort »
(one uses all of one's effort...)

And Something To Spare »
(it did not take all of one's effort; we were still not exhausted...)

And Then Some »
(even more than was just said; it was that, and more of it...)

Armed To The Teeth »
(has lots of weapons...)

Around The Clock »
(during any hour of the day; 24 hours...)

Bail Me Out »
(help that person get out of a bad situation...)

Be Swimming In Something »
(have a lot of it...)

Blowing Your Top »
(getting angry and yelling out of control...)

Breaking Even »
(getting back the same amount of money that you spend...)

Built To Order »
(the product is made to meet the needs of one customer...)

Call The Roll »
(read out the names of people who should be present...)

Cat Got Your Tongue? »
(you can't think of anything to say; something is stopping you from speaking...)

Cause A Commotion »
(make a lot of noise and be noticed by others or bother others...)

Cease And Desist »
(formal and legal way of saying "stop"...)

Clear The Table »
(move dirty things off of the table so it can be clean and ready for use...)

Dead Ahead »
(directly in front of you in the direction you are facing...)

Devil May Care Manner »
(a way of acting that shows others that one does not care...)

Die A Natural Death »
(one's death did not happen as the result of an accident or tragedy...)

Do A Snow Job On Someone »
(trick someone by confusing them with lots of information...)

Do Away With Someone Or Something »
(get rid of that thing; not have it any more...)

Doing Your Bit »
(do your part of the work...)

Down South »
(the southern part of the country...)

Down With Some Disease »
(because of sickness one is unable to get up and go out...)

Downhill All The Way »
(easy, comfortable, and not requiring a lot of effort...)

Dropping Names »
(saying the names of important people so people will think you are important...)

Dry Spell »
(a period of time without success...)

Earning Your Keep »
(work to pay for your cost of living...)

Easier Said Than Done »
(talking about it is easier than doing it; to do the thing takes a lot of work; it is easier to talk about it than to actually do it...)

Eat Like A Horse »
(eat a lot of food and possibly appear sloppy...)

Eat One's Heart Out »
(be jealous of another; sometimes a loser is taunted with this statement...)

Ebb And Flow »
(movement which is like the rise and fall of tide water...)

Every Last One »
(all of them must be included; not even one of them can be forgotten...)

Expense Is No Object »
(do not worry about the cost; I can pay a lot of money for it...)

Fall In »
(join the group of people standing in an organized way...)

Falling For You »
(falling in love; having strong feelings of love...)

Falling In Love With You »
(beginning to have feelings of love for you...)

Fast And Furious »
(in a manner of quick motion and wild activity...)

Fat And Happy »
(comfortable, lazy and well fed; taken care of...)

Fed Up To Here With It »
(tired of and angry about it...)

Feel The Pinch »
(one has less money to spend because of hard times...)

Fend For Oneself »
(fight to protect oneself and take care of one's own needs...)

Fire A Gun »
(shoot a gun; pull the trigger of a gun so that there is an explosion and a bullet comes flying out...)

Fit Like A Glove »
(this piece of clothing fits perfectly and feels very comfortable...)

Flat As A Board »
(it is completely flat, like a piece of wood that is cut to be flat...)

Flat Out »
(have no more of that thing...)

Float A Loan »
(put up an amount of money to be loaned...)

Flying Off The Handle »
(getting upset and going out of control...)

For Days On End »
(doing it for a number of days without stopping...)

For Life »
(for the length of one's life...)

Forever And Ever »
(a colorful way of saying "forever"...)

Forty Winks »
(a full night of sleep...)

Fraught With Danger »
(there is a lot of danger...)

From Head To Toe »
(the persons entire body, including all of their skin...)

From Overseas »
(from a place on the other side of an ocean...)

From The Cradle To The Grave »
(during one's whole life; from one's earliest days of ones life, until one dies...)

From The Top »
(from the very beginning of the song...)

From Tip To Toe »
(the whole length of the person's body...)

From Top To Bottom »
(from the very top of the thing to the very bottom of it...)

Gang Up On Someone »
(a larger number of people attack a smaller number...)

Gas Up »
(put gasoline in the car; get fuel for a trip; slang: eat a lot of food...)

Get A Jumpstart »
(begin before all of the others begin; start before the others...)

Get A Licking »
(lose by a lot of points; be beaten by a lot...)

Get A Lump In One's Throat »
(feel unable to speak, often because of strong emotion...)

Get Around »
(move from one place to another place; spend time with lots of different people in different places...)

Get Busy »
(become active with a lot of things to do...)

Get Down To The Nitty Gritty »
(work on the small details of the project; think and talk about the many small details...)

Get Mad At Someone Or Something »
(be angry at that person; become angry because of what that person did...)

Get Nowhere Fast »
(using a lot of energy but not succeeding...)

Get Something Under One's Belt »
(get the experience of doing that thing...)

Get The Floor »
(have the opportunity to speak in front of the group...)

Get The Old Heave Ho »
(be fired from a job or thrown out of some event...)

Get The Upper Hand On Someone »
(be in a position of strength over that person...)

Get The Word »
(start believing in the God and bible of Christianity...)

Get The Works »
(get all of the extras with your order...)

Get Time Off »
(be allowed to not work for a period of time...)

Get What's Coming To One »
(one has acted badly and deserves some kind of punishment...)

Go On A Binge »
(do too much of something for a long time...)

Go Overboard »
(do too much of it; go too far...)

Going Against The Grain »
(making things difficult by acting against the wishes of others...)

Hands Off »
(let go of me; don't touch that...)

Have A Blowout »
(one has lost the tire of ones car, bike or motorcycle...)

Have A Handle On Something »
(have a good understanding and control of that thing...)

I'm Jacked Up »
(lift that person up; make that person feel excited and full of energy; energize...)

In Detail »
(including all of the small details...)

In Other Words »
(here is another way of saying it; i will try to explain it again...)

In Season »
(the time of the year for that thing...)

In Short »
(I will now give a short explanation of what I am trying to say...)

In Short Supply »
(there is very little of it; we have almost no more...)

In The Money »
(have a lot of money; become rich...)

In The Short Run »
(soon; for now; for a short period of time...)

In Your Mind's Eye »
(in your imagination; you see an image of it in your mind...)

In Your Prime »
(when one is young and strong and has lot's of opportunity...)

Its Anyone's Call »
(it is difficult to judge the outcome of a competition...)

Jockeying For Position »
(trying to get ahead of each other...)

Jump Bail »
(one has given money to the court to get out of jail temporarily, then one runs away...)

Laughing All The Way To The Bank »
(one is happy because one got a lot of money...)

Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth »
(questioning the value of something you have received for free...)

Losing Streak »
(a period of time with no wins...)

Lost His Head »
(he got so upset that he lost control of his actions...)

Money Does Not Grow On Trees »
(earning money takes a lot of hard work...)

Off Season »
(this is not the official time of the year for that...)

Old Habits Die Hard »
(it is hard to forget old ways of doing things...)

On A Diet »
(eating less food, usually one is trying to become thinner; eating only certain kinds of food...)

On Someone's Case »
(pursuing that person; making demands or requests of that person...)

Out In Force »
(there were many of them...)

Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish »
(cautious with small amounts of money, but careless with larger amounts...)

Preaching To The Choir »
(trying to make believers out of people who already believe...)

Pride Oneself On Something »
(be proud of oneself for that thing...)

Rub Salt In An Old Wound »
(to intentionally bring back the pain of an past experience...)

Running The Table »
(making all of your shots and winning...)

Shipping And Handling »
(the cost of mailing a package from one place to another...)

Show One's True Colors »
(do something to let others know what kind of person one really is...)

Sign On The Dotted Line »
(sign a form; write one's name on an official piece of paper...)

Single File »
(a line with each person following the person in front of him...)

Sink Into Despair »
(lose all feeling of hope...)

Sit In For Someone »
(take the place of that person...)

Sit On The Fence »
(be unsure of which choice to make; not decide...)

Slow Going »
(it is taking a lot of time...)

Spread Like Wildfire »
(it moved fast and out of control...)

Stand On One's Own Two Feet »
(independent; able to take care of oneself...)

Take A Break »
(rest; stop working for a period of time...)

Take A Risk »
(be willing to do it even though there is a chance of loss...)

Take A Stab At Something »
(attempt to do someone that one doesn't have a lot of experience doing...)

Take A Vacation »
(not work for a period of time...)

Take Attendance »
(look at the list of names to be sure everyone is there...)

Take Off From Work »
(spend time without working; not go to work for a period of time...)

Take Off On Something »
(lose hold of something and have it run away...)

Take Office »
(when an elected official begins their period of duty...)

Take Pride In Something »
(be proud of that thing; one likes this quality in oneself...)

Take Root »
(the beginnings of it were formed...)

Take Shape »
(the form of something is determined...)

Take Someone Or Something By Storm »
(arrive with a big noise and lots of activity...)

Take Someone To The Cleaners »
(take all of that person's money...)

Take The Bull By The Horns »
(take strong action and gain control of the situation...)

The Pot Calling The Kettle Black »
(accusing others of doing the same thing you do...)

The Stars Were All Lined Up »
(a number of things happened which were needed for the perfect result...)

The Writing On The Wall »
(the signs of a coming change...)

They Ate It Up »
(really enjoy it; eat all of it; believe one's lie...)

Think Something Over »
(consider the different aspects of some problem...)

Those Were The Days »
(things were good at that time; i have a good memory of those days...)

Thunder »
(the sound that comes from big clouds in the sky, often after flash of lightning or during rain...)

Tight As A Tick »
(drunk from drinking a lot of alcohol...)

Under The Gun »
(under a lot of pressure to get something done...)

Weed Someone Or Something Out »
(get rid of what is not useful...)

Well Off »
(more polite way to say that someone has a lot of money...)

When The Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play »
(when the person of authority is away, the others act less responsibly...)

Where One Is Coming From »
(with an understanding of the other persons situation and needs...)

Whet Someone's Appetite »
(give a bit of something so one wants more...)

With Everything On It »
(including all of the additional options...)

With Something To Spare »
(It did not require all of one's efforts...)

Within Hailing Distance »
(close enough to gain the attention of another ship...)

Within Someone's Grasp »
(one is holding it and will not let go of it...)

Without Batting An Eye »
(With no sign of exerting effort...)

Woe Is Me »
(Often said to make fun of someone who is feeling sorry for himself...)

Words To That Effect »
(That captures the idea of what was said in different words...)

Worth Someone's While »
(One will gain a lot from the effort of doing that...)

Wrapped Up In Someone Or Something »
(All of one's attention is on it...)

Write Someone Or Something Up »
(Make an official document of what happened or what someone did wrong...)

Year Round »
(It happens all during the year; it does not stop during any part of the year...)

You Are Keen On Him »
(you like it or them; you want more of them...)

You Can't Please Everyone »
(It is not possible for one's actions to make everyone happy all of the time...)

You Know »
(said to gain agreement by the listener, sometimes said out of habit with no significant meaning besides asking agreement from listeners...)

You Reap What You Sow »
(what you get is the result of what you do...)



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